I Am... American History—100 Mini Posters of Famous People in American History!

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100 Mini Posters of Famous People in American History!
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100 Mini Posters of Famous People in American History!

This unique collection of 100 mini posters humanizes historical figures. Accompanying text is in the first person, quotations capture the essence of each individual's accomplishment, and each includes a section "Here's something you may not know about me..." followed by a fun, down-to-earth fact, like that Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler, or that Eli Whitney started his own business at 14. Includes excellent ideas for a variety of interesting bulletin-board displays and classroom activities to maximize the pedagogical impact of these delightful posters.

Posters of: Abigail Adams • John Adams • John Quincy Adams • Susan B Anthony • Neil A Armstrong • Clara Barton • Alexander Graham Bell • William Bradford • John Brown • William Jennings Bryan • John C Calhoun • Andrew Carnegie • Cesar Chavez • Henry Clay • Bill Clinton • Calvin Coolidge • James Fenimore Cooper • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado • Father Charles Coughlin • George Custer • Jefferson Davis • Jack Dempsey • Dorothea Dix • Frederick Douglass • WEB Du Bois • Amelia Earhart • Thomas Edison • Albert Einstein • Dwight D Eisenhower • Ralph Waldo Emerson • Enrico Fermi • F Scott Fitzgerald • Stephen Foster • Benjamin Franklin • Betty Friedan • William Lloyd Garrison • Ulysses S Grant • Alexander Hamilton • Ernest Hemingway • Herbert Hoover • Andrew Jackson • Thomas Jefferson • John Paul Jones • Helen Keller • Florence Kelley • John F Kennedy • Martin Luther King, Jr • General Robert E Lee • Meriwether Lewis • Sinclair Lewis • Abraham Lincoln • Charles Lindbergh • Benjamin Lundy • James Madison • Horace Mann • John Marshall • Thurgood Marshall • Cyrus McCormick • James Monroe • J P Morgan • Samuel F B Morse • Annie Oakley • Barack Obama • Sandra Day O'Connor • Thomas Paine • Rosa Parks • Frances Perkins • Ronald Reagan • Sally Ride • Jackie Robinson • John D Rockefeller • Eleanor Roosevelt • Franklin D Roosevelt • Sacajawea • Dred Scott • Upton Sinclair • Sitting Bull (Tatanka Yotanka) • Captain John Smith • Squanto • Elizabeth Cady Stanton • Harriet Beecher Stow • William Graham Sumner • William Howard Taft • Ida Tarbell • General Zachary Taylor • Henry David Thoreau • Bill Tilden • Harry S Truman • Frederick Jackson Turner • Mark Twain • Cornelius Vanderbilt • Amerigo Vespucci • George Washington • Booker T Washington • Eli Whitney • Walt Whitman • Orville Wright • Wilbur Wright • Woodrow Wilson • Brigham Young

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