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More than 350 verbal problems which can be solved using the methods of Hands-On Equations.
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More than 350 verbal problems which can be solved using the methods of Hands-On Equations.

The problems include verbal problems appropriate for elementary school students, to challenging problems for middle school students to advance problems for high school students. Topics are number, consecutive number, age and distance problems. This book is a follow up for students who have completed the Hands-On Equations program.

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Borenson Math Products

Borenson Math products have two basic premises: 1. All students can achieve at a high level, provided they are presented with appropriate educational experiences which are enjoyable for them and at which they can succeed. 2. Mathematically rich concrete and visual experiences enable students to SEE and UNDERSTAND mathematics.  With these goals in mind, we enable even younger students to succeed with algebraic linear equations and fractions.

All of the Borenson Math products were designed by Dr. Henry Borenson, who received a US patent for Hands-On Equations. Dr. Borenson's teaching experience includes working with inner-city students struggling to learn math, as well as with Math Olympiad Students representing the United States at international math competitions. 

Born in Havana, Cuba, his family moved to Venezuela when Henry was only 2 years old. When he was 10 years old, the family decided to emigrate to the United States. When he arrived in New York, the first image he saw on television was that of Clark Kent turning into Superman. Henry thought, "Just like the United States, where a person can reach as high as his talents allow him." And indeed, his Hands-On Equations program has been used by more than a million students in the United States.

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