Great American AVIATORS—4 Mini Posters of Famous People in American History!

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Mini posters of famous American aviators!
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Mini posters of famous American aviators!

A themed set of mini posters perfect for your bulletin board or classroom wall.

Posters humanize these aviators. Accompanying text is in the first person, quotations capture the essence of each individual's accomplishment, and each includes a section "Here's something you may not know about me..." followed by a fun, down-to-earth fact.

Posters included:
• Great American AVIATORS (title poster)
• Amelia Earhart
• Charles Lindbergh
• Orville Wright
• Wilbur Wright

Great American AVIATORS is excerpted from <a href="http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/I-Am-American-History100-Mini-Posters-of-Famous-People-in-American-History">I Am…American History 100 Mini Posters of Famous People in American History!</a>

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Great American AVIATORS and <a href="http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/I-Am-American-History100-Mini-Posters-of-Famous-People-in-American-History"> I Am…American History 100 Mini Posters of Famous People in American History!</a> are products of <a href="http://www.sunflowereducation.net">Sunflower Education</a>.

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