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This product is 50% off! It is a great way to teach FSZL words to your students!
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This product is 50% off! It is a great way to teach FSZL words to your students!

FSZL GAMES!  Great for centers! 5 Print and Play activities plus a super hero themed card game to practice the skill.  The letters f,s,z, and l are doubled at the end of a word after a single vowel.  This packet has a card game, read and write around the room, roll, read, and color, four in a row, stretch and say the sounds with bingo dabbers, search and find and color, and roll and read sentences.  All print and play activities have directions on them for easy use.

The card game:

To Play:   Players will take turns picking a card and reading the word.  If a special card is drawn, follow the  directions on the card.  (lose a turn, go again) The game is over when the cards are gone or when time is up.  Winner has the most word cards.  Students can use the recording sheet to write the words after they read them. 

2 Games in One…You could also use this as a Read and Write the Room.  Hang the word cards around the room, and have students walk around and read words, and record them on the recording sheet.  They write the  word they find under the matching super hero.  Students LOVE this activity! 

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