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Frindle by Andrew Clements is a funny and inspiring story about a fifth grade student who learns about the importance of words when he creates his own new word: "Frindle!" This 130 page MEGA pac...
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Frindle by Andrew Clements is a funny and inspiring story about a fifth grade student who learns about the importance of words when he creates his own new word: "Frindle!" This 130 page MEGA packet is EVERYTHING YOU NEED to teach Frindle, whether you're doing it as a whole-class, a small group (i.e. reading groups or literature circles), or as an individual project. It includes activities for before, during, and after reading that serve as comprehension assessment, writing prompts, and valuable practice determining different story elements.

BEFORE reading
*Discussion - Assess pre-knowledge
*Front Cover Visualization
*K-W-L Chart: The Dictionary

DURING reading
*Tracking My Progress – tracking sheet to keep students accountable *for reading and completing the chapter summaries.
*Keeping the Characters Straight – note-taking graphic organizer
*10 Things I Learned: How the Dictionary is Formed
*Chapter Summaries – one for each chapter (1-15). Blank template also included.
*Chapter Summaries – Answer Keys
*Vocabulary Word Wall cards – four for each chapter (60 total). Blank templates also included.
*Comprehension Quizzes – one quiz every three chapters (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15) *Answer Keys provided.
*Cause & Effect graphic organizers – one every five chapters (1-5, 6-10, 11-15) *Answer Keys provided.
*Text Connections – graphic organizer
*Figurative Language Hunt – graphic organizer *Suggested Answer Key provided.

AFTER reading:
*Final Test: 20 short-answer comprehension questions. *Answer key provided.
*Character Studies – graphic organizers for charting the physical and character traits of Nick and Mrs. Granger. *Answer keys provided. Blank template also included. 
*Character Profiles – note-taking graphic organizers for the two main characters (Nick and Mrs. Granger) *Answer keys provided. Blank template also included.
*Character Comparisons Venn Diagrams (4)
*Interactive Notebook Foldables – Story Elements, Important Characters, Comparing Characters, Setting, Protagonist/Antagonist, Plot Summary, and Theme. *Answer Keys provided.
*Keeping the Characters Straight – matching activity *Answer Key provided.
*My Favorite Scene – activity template
*Let’s Write! Journal Entries – three journal prompts, asking students to write from the perspective of both Nick and Mrs. Granger

*Creative Vocabulary – Have each student invent a new word and compile the pages into a new “class dictionary”
*Get Your Frindle Gear Here – have your students design a “Frindle” logo on a pen, a shirt, a hat, and a notebook.
*My Favorite Teacher – the students write a letter to a teacher who’s had an impact on their life.
*Welcome to Westfield – the students design the billboard that people see when they enter Westfield, New Hampshire.
*Welcome to My Town - the students do a mini-research project on their hometown and fill out important information in a graphic organizer.
*Learning New Languages – students will look up common English words in Spanish, French, and a language of their choice.

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Resource created by: Jessica Lawler
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