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Figurative Language I Have, Who Has Review Game

  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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Review common figurative language terms with this fun I Have, Who Has game!
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Product Description

Review common figurative language terms with this fun I Have, Who Has game!

Review figurative language definitions and meanings in this fun I Have, Who Has game with 32 cards! I Have, Who Has Games are easy to play and provide a quick and low-prep class review. This game can be scaffolded for your struggling learners by handing them specific cards, pairing them with another student, or having them be the timekeeper or check answers against the answer key. These cards help students review the definitions of common types of figurative language, as well as identifying examples of and meanings of that figurative language.

32 Game Cards that review the following types of figurative language
• Hyperbole
• Similes
• Metaphors
• Alliteration
• Personification
• Idioms
• Onomatopoeia

Directions for Use:

Pass out cards to students. If there are too many cards you can have several
students take two cards. If there are too many students then you can pair up
students (regardless of numbers, pairing students is a good strategy to use for students who are not able to read out loud
in front of the class or those who would struggle with finding the correct answer) or you can have students be Timekeeper and/or Answer Key Holder.

Timing the game is optional and can be introduced later if desired. Once everyone has a card (or a job) the game begins with the student holding the “I have the first card” card. Students read their own cards aloud when it matches the “Who has…” part of the card. The game ends when the students reach the “I have the last card” card.

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