Fact Fluency: Add and Subtract-Practice and Assessments with Brain Breaks

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Save 20% on this popular package! This is a research based, systematic approach to learning basic math facts.
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Product Description

Save 20% on this popular package! This is a research based, systematic approach to learning basic math facts.

Want your students to have fact fluency?

Brain Research tells us that making connections to prior knowledge helps students remember information. It also teaches us that brains remember best using color, movement, and visuals.

This set has has everything you need to teach addition and subtraction facts through mastery in research based, brain friendly ways. Plus, there are color coded assessments for every step along the way.

After practicing addition and subtraction facts with minimal success, I’ve done my research and come up with a recommended order in which the facts should be taught. The key? Teach addition and subtraction fact families together, but with one concept at a time.

This set also includes a number of brain breaks, which have been proved to assist the learning process.

This set contains suggestions for which facts to introduce, in which order, color coded fact families, fact cards, a board game for practice, and assessments for all addition and subtraction facts up through addends of ten. 

There are several ideas for developing an understanding of addition and subtraction facts, learning the facts, and assessing the facts.

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I’ve spent much time studying brain research and how the brain learns, I’ve put the best of what I’ve learned into my products. We know that children learn best through social interaction, movement, visuals, repetition, emotional experiences, and connecting the information with something they already know. Most of my products are games or fun activities to practice skills. Plus, they have been favorites for my second graders!

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