Espanol para chicos y grandes level 1

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This product has an estimated delivery time of 7-8 days, so that it can ship to you for free! Spanish textbook for elementary school and home, richly illustrated in full color.
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This product has an estimated delivery time of 7-8 days, so that it can ship to you for free! Spanish textbook for elementary school and home, richly illustrated in full color.
Spanish for children and parents, Level 1, textbook, consists of 24 chapters followed by an appendix containing idiomatic expressions and a Spanish-English glossary. It provides the material necessary for acquiring a sound basic knowledge of Spanish for kids. The abundant vocabulary of 700 words and idiomatic expressions, together with simple Spanish grammar exercises, illustrations and sentence construction, greatly facilitates the task of both teachers in classrooms and parents at home. In the organization of this text, we have followed the principle that a rich variety of activities is the key to keeping the attention of young learners. The multiple approaches we present here are consistent with research on how to enrich the memory centers in the brain. Each chapter presents new Spanish vocabulary followed by fun exercises to reinforce its learning. Each vocabulary unit is linked to a question which stimulates dialogue between students working in pairs. English translations are provided at the bottom of the page or immediately following the word. Short Spanish poems, humorous drawings, simple games and traditional songs serve as mnemonic devices. Cultural vignettes about children from Hispanic cultures, with the relevant vocabulary, awaken children’s curiosity about different places and ways of life. Working step by step, students learn to understand dialogue, entire paragraphs and short stories. They become able to respond to questions in Spanish. The free audio download accompanies, in auditory form, all lesson content. ISBN 978-0-9822887-7-1

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  • Hundreds of public and private schools, language academies, homeschooling groups and university programs such as the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth use the All Bilingual Press curriculum. ABP was founded in 2005 by a family of Spanish teachers dedicated to the creation of Spanish lessons for children. Our goal is to make Spanish for kids as well as their parents and teachers effective through the use of humorous cartoon characters. The exercises and well-though-out sequencing of Spanish lessons have been tested in the classroom. In addition, ABP is committed to lightening the teacher or parents load by providing curricular support, including testing material. Rita Wirkala, the founder and curriculum developer, is also a fiction writer. For more information, please visit her author page: www.ritasturamwirkala.com 
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