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From Head to Toe Worksheets: Eric Carle inspired Lesson Plan

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Lesson plans inspired by Eric Carle's from Head to Toe book. Activities for Language Arts, Math, Science, Art, religion and Spanish.
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Lesson plans inspired by Eric Carle's from Head to Toe book. Activities for Language Arts, Math, Science, Art, religion and Spanish.

Lesson plans inspired by Eric Carle's from Head to Toe book.  Activities for Language Arts, Math, Science, Art, religion and Spanish.

For Language Arts  (and Art!)

For Language Arts, you can have children create their own story, or just “copy” the original From Head to Toe.  Children can draw their own pictures and make up their own words.  Additionally, we have our own story we created called “Monkey See, Monkey Do!”  I include a copy of this sight word book within the Eric Carle (inspired) lesson plans packet.  You can read our version of the book together and then have the students create their own story.

For Math


There are three worksheets for math.  First, we count and write out the number of animals in the book.  For the second worksheet we count the number of legs on each animal.  If the child is able, you can have the child add all the legs of all the animals. For the last worksheet, if the student is able, we have a worksheet where the student can do each activity 10 times, counting up to 120 (for the 12 animals).

For Science

For Science, you can teach the children the difference between wild and tame animals.  Students can then decide if each animal in the story is wild or tame.  The students can pick an animal to study and then draw a picture of the animal and write 3 facts about the animal.  There is a cut/paste wild and tame activity to place the animals in their homes.

For Spanish

We also create the worksheets in Spanish.  I love that you can also read this book in Spanish.  My first and third grader are learning Spanish right now.   While they still love this book, it is great to be able to challenge them by reading it to them in Spanish.  The Spanichs book is called:  De la cabeza a los pies (From Head to Toe, Spanish Edition).  So, the students can make their own Spanish book and do many of the worksheets in Spanish.  It was a great way to learn the animal names in Spanish.  AND....did you know that Animals speak Spanish too?  Yes, that is right, you can teach the children how the animals speak/sound in Spanish!

For Religion

I am a big fan of the Noah's ark story.  I actually have a collection of Noah's Ark wooden animals!  For the Eric Carle (inspired) Lesson Plans, you can read the story of Noah and his ark, then I have worksheets where students can cut and paste the animals to help them go onto the Ark.  There are also some Noah's ark discussion questions.

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