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Enemy Pie: A Common Core Reader's Companion

  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Get a great resource that is PERFECT for reinforcing important literacy skills using quality children's literature!
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Product Description

Get a great resource that is PERFECT for reinforcing important literacy skills using quality children's literature!

This resource is perfect for providing your students with independent activities during center/workshop time. I’ve included a series of activities that students can complete before, during and after they read the book Enemy Pie. These activities can also be completed during whole group activities. There are a variety of activities for you to choose from. For fun, I’ve also added a fun recipe that you can share with your students! 

These Common Core aligned activities are designed to support students’ understanding of reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. The included activities reinforce the following skills:

Identify intended purpose of the text.
Identify and/or interpret the meaning of content-specific words used in text. 
Make inferences and/or draw conclusions based on information from the text. 
Identify and/or explain stated or implied main ideas and relevant supporting details from the text. 
Summarize the key details and events of a fictional text as a whole. 
Identify, interpret, compare and/or describe components of fiction (character, setting, plot). 
Identify, interpret, compare and/or describe connections between text.
Identify, explain, and/or interpret text organization, including sequence, question/answer, comparison/contrast, cause/effect or problem/solution.

This resource includes: 

Page 3: Building Vocabulary
Page 4: Prior to Reading 
Page 5: Prior to Reading 
Page 6: Building Background
Page 7: While You Read
Page 8: While You Read
Page 9: Making Connections 
Page 10: Summarizing 
Page 11: Summarizing 
Page 12: Comprehension 
Page 13: Comprehension
Page 14: Creating Mental Images
Page 15: Sequencing Events 
Page 16: Sequencing Events 
Page 17: Summarizing 
Page 18: Character Study
Page 19: Building Vocabulary 
Page 20: Building Vocabulary
Page 21: Building Vocabulary 
Page 22: Reflective Writing 
Page 23: Dirt Cake Recipe

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Not So Wimpy Resources, LLC

I am a National Board Certified Teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. I have a Masters+. I currently teach 3rd grade. In the past I have taught 2nd (1 year), 4th grade (6 years), 3rd grade (5 years), 6th grade (2 yrs), 1st grade (1 year) and incoming college freshman (as an adjunct instructor for a community college). I am National Board Certified in Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/ Early Middle Childhood. I am also PA certified in Elementary Education K-6, Reading Specialist ceritifed grades k-6, and I am also Wilson Reading Certified. Teaching is not only my passion, it is a gift. I enjoy sharing my tips, resources, and experiences. Feel free to follow my blog: www.notsowimpyresources/ and my facebook page:

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