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This award-winning guitar lesson software is the ultimate way to learn guitar. Used in schools across the US, it's the interactive and fun way to learn guitar. This Deluxe version takes a student f...
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Product Description

This award-winning guitar lesson software is the ultimate way to learn guitar. Used in schools across the US, it's the interactive and fun way to learn guitar. This Deluxe version takes a student from total beginner to an accomplished player.

Award-winning lessons take you from beginner to confident player on acoustic or electric guitar! Requires no prior musical knowledge. Self-guided lessons are ideal for homeschooling. 


eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe includes everything you need to become a great guitar player, with over 360 audio, video, and interactivity-enhanced lessons and over 130 great songs. The Animated Fretboard shows you the notes to play and eMedia Interactive Feedback listens to you via the computer microphone to show you are playing the correct notes in melodies, leads, and riffs. Also included are an automatic tuner, metronome, recorder, 1000-chord dictionary, a scale-directory and more. eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method, both included in eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe, have received top ratings such as:


"The ultimate way to learn how to play guitar!" 

- Peter Frampton, multi-platinum guitarist


"One of the best programs we've seen in the music-teaching software category."

- PC Magazine, Editor’s Choice


 “…the program ably sets the student on the right path.”

- The New York Times


eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe includes v6 of eMedia Guitar Method.


New Features in eMedia Guitar Method v6 include:

• Expanded Interactive Feedback now provides feedback on both chords you strum and melodies you play helping you learn faster.


• Performance Evaluation gives your song playing a score in either a 5-star rating system or as a percentage so you can gauge your progress as you improve.


• Ear Training lesson chapter helps you learn to play by ear.


Play along with live-recorded band Jam Tracks all throughout the course.


Updated modern, easy-to-use, and cleaner-looking user interface.


Also Features:

Over 360 guitar lessons by Kevin Garry, Ph.D., award-winning guitarist and Professor of Music, cover rock, blues, folk and classical and teach you to play in a variety of styles.

• An Animated Fretboard that makes it easy to see chord and note fingerings for lessons and songs.

• Also includes an automatic tuner, recorder, metronome, a chord dictionary with audio playback for over 1000 chords and scale directory of major, minor, blues, and pentatonic scales with recordings and fingerings.

More than 80 videos, with split-screen view and close-ups of both hands.

• eMedia interactive technologies allow the computer to listen to you play and show you how well you’re playing.

Lessons that teach you to read guitar TABs (tablature), chord charts and standard music notation.

Over 150 songs make lessons fun, with hits such as “Knockin' on Heaven's Door,” “All Along the Watchtower,” Spoonful,” “Rock N' Me,” “Uncle John's Band,” “Scarborough Fair,” “Malagueña,” “House of the Rising Sun,” “La Bamba,” “Drive On,” “Time in a Bottle,” “Midnight Special,” and other great songs.

Songs and lessons as both audio and variable-speed MIDI tracks where selections can be looped, slowed or sped up.




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eMedia Music Corporation
(71 Reviews)

eMedia Music Corporation is the world’s leading publisher of educational music software, apps, and DVDs. eMedia’s products have been critically acclaimed by sources such as Newsweek, Guitar World, The Wall Street Journal, and PC Magazine and have been endorsed by guitar legends, including Nancy Wilson of Heart and Peter Frampton. Formed in 1994 by Adrian Burton, formerly of Microsoft Multimedia Publishing, eMedia is dedicated to producing high quality software that gives everyone access to the joy of making music by combining:

Experienced and Accredited Instructors – Our featured instructors have decades of teaching experience, advanced degrees, and training from top music institutions such as the Juilliard School of Music.

Proven, Developed Curriculum – eMedia’s curriculum for each program is custom developed by the featured instructor in collaboration with educational software and user interface experts, resulting in an easy-to-follow, interactive experience. We constantly refine and develop our curricula to make them as effective and engaging as possible. Over one million people have learned with eMedia music software, and it is used in hundreds of schools.

eMedia Music Education Technology – Our innovative and groundbreaking technology greatly enhances learning. Animated instruments show you exactly what you should be playing, and Music Tracking shows you exactly where you should be playing. Instant Feedback listens to you play and gives real time feedback, and Performance Evaluation lets you see where you made mistakes so you can correct them and progress faster.

Popular Songs – eMedia’s song-oriented approach makes learning more enjoyable. Hit songs, such as Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and John Lennon’s “Imagine,” help keep students engaged and motivated.

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