Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1: Basic Electronics

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This hands-on, self-instructional curriculum - course is a must for those students who have an interest in electronics. LED Scope Part 1 & 2 is a complete course in Electronics, but Part 1 can be ...
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This hands-on, self-instructional curriculum - course is a must for those students who have an interest in electronics. LED Scope Part 1 & 2 is a complete course in Electronics, but Part 1 can be done separately for just the basics. Our students have gone directly into the workforce, onto college for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, or into IT. Since parents are so delighted in the course, after their oldest child completes the course, they then purchase it for their next child. However, if you have two children who work well together and are willing to share the finished product, you could have them work together.
This curriculum - course includes 260 pages of hands-on, self instructional learning material with detailed instructions, and over 250 pictures and illustrations on a CD. All components for the kit part are included. Each chapter begins with an overview of what you are going to learn, what tools are needed, and what components. Then there are specific directions, step by step, in putting the practice board together in part 1 and the oscilloscope in part 2. All parts are included; tools are sold separately as many students already have the tools needed. See our Quality Tool Set for list of tools needed. Part 1 takes approximately 30 hours. Most students do it in one semester but can do it during the summer or faster. Rarely do students have questions as if questions arise; the CD that contains all of the instructional material is updated. However, questions can be asked at: Info@appliedInspirations.com. High interest in Science is needed. You will learn: • The nature of “Electricity” • Basic electronic components – How and Why they work • How to read a schematic diagram • How to solder • How to un-solder • How to use a Digital Multimeter • How to use Ohm’s law and basic math to analyze circuits A CD is included with 260 pages of instructions, diagrams, and pictures, a notebook, preprinted Schematic and Placement Guide on card stock for easy reference, and a sturdy box to store the project in while completing. Chapter Titles: Chapter 0 Introduction Chapter 1 The Nature of Electricity Chapter 2 Safety Chapter 3 How to Read “Schematics” Chapter 4 Electronic Components & the Digital Multimeter Chapter 5 How Things are “Put Together” - Construction Chapter 6 Section “A” - How to Solder Chapter 7 Section “B” - More Soldering Chapter 8 How to Un-Solder Chapter 9 The Power Supply Module Chapter 10 Section “C” - How Diodes Work Chapter 11 Section “D” - Capacitor Timing Experiment Chapter 12 Section “E” - Voltage division with a Potentiometer Chapter 13 Section “F” - More Control: Transistors Chapter 14 Section “G” - One Transistor Amplifier Chapter 15 Section “H” - The Basic Flip-Flop Chapter 16 Section “I” - Integrated Circuits- AKA: ICs Chapter 17 Section “J” - Digital Logic Testimonials: “If you have a child interested in electronics and have been wondering where to begin, look no further. . . exactly what you’re looking for. . .This is a completely self-teaching course. . .requiring no teacher preparation.” Home School Enrichment Magazine You will learn real electronics, not just bits and pieces here and there. The instructions are clear and methodical. . . .My bottom line is that this course truly teaches electronics and gives plenty of hands-on practice. The final step in most of the chapters is “Testing and Analysis.” I like that.” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine “A unique offering. It explains not only the 'what' and 'how' of electronics, but also explains why things work. A truly complete electronics course. My sons are very different kind of learners, but both of them loved it!” Amanda, Mother of 10 and 12 Year Olds

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Our kits are not just a couple of pages to tell you how to put something together -- our kits TEACH while you have fun building a unique project. Our curriculum and our kits are great for individuals, homeschoolers, camps, schools, and colleges. So if you are a kid, a kid at heart, or a maker, you can find a kit or course where you will learn while having fun. Maker Faire Educator’s Choice
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