Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1 & 2: LED Array Oscilloscope

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“If you have a student interested in really learning the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how electronics work, then . . . your student will be eager to do Part 2 as well.” Home School Enrichment Magazine. Ou...
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“If you have a student interested in really learning the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how electronics work, then . . . your student will be eager to do Part 2 as well.” Home School Enrichment Magazine. Our hands-on independent study LED Scope Part 2 begins where Part 1 left off with over 250 pages of instructional material and over 200 pictures and diagrams. It teaches more advanced electronics by building, and then using, an LED array oscilloscope – an essential instrument for electronics and any research science. As each function for the LED-scope is built, it is tested by viewing and analyzing signals from the Part 1 board’s circuits. In this way, both advanced electronics and how to use an oscilloscope are taught.

“The LED Scope Kit Part 1&2 prepares students for a job or a career in electronics.” Patton Electronics Co. An oscilloscope is an essential tool for anyone designing or repairing electronic equipment, or doing scientific research. It allows very high speed electrical signals to be viewed, and enables engineers to “see” how electronic circuits are functioning, and collect data from sensors. Part-2, the LED Array Oscilloscope, is presented in a manner similar to the story "Stone Soup." As each module is built and tested, a new feature is suggested that would improve the oscilloscope’s functionality. This leads to describing, building, and testing the next module until all the features of a commercial oscilloscope have been demonstrated. Because the results are visual, the learning is exciting with immediate gratification of applying the theory just taught. As the oscilloscope is developed, the Signal Generator board from Part-1 is used to provide test signals to demonstrate the scope's operation, and to show the need for new features that are then built in the following chapter. Age 11 - Adult All parts are included. If you need tools, see our Quality Tool Set that has all the tools needed. Chapter Headings: Chapter 1: The Origins of the Oscilloscope Chapter 2: The LED-Bar Test Display Chapter 3: Analog to Digital Conversion Chapter 4: The LED Array Display Chapter 5: System Timing Chapter 6: Shift-registers - Driving the X Axis Chapter 7: Automatic Trace Initialization Chapter 8: Input Attenuation Chapter 9: Scope Input Test Leads Assembly Chapter 10: Input Protection Chapter 11: Input Amplification Chapter 12: Y Axis Positioning Chapter 13: Synchronization Chapter 14: Trigger Play Chapter 15: External Triggering Chapter 16: Basic Trouble-shooting Techniques Chapter 17: Review of Commercial Oscillocopes

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