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Grab up the dinosaur activities offered in this great bundle at a discounted price!
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Grab up the dinosaur activities offered in this great bundle at a discounted price!

This product is a bundle of my dinosaur activities!

DINOSAUR Non-Fiction Research:
This non-fiction unit has everything you need to begin researching and teaching about dinosaurs! Start researching dinosaurs together as a class and then let students choose their own dinosaur to research. There are many ways to differentiate your research to meet the individual needs of your students or the time you have to research. Choose a full-fledged research report, just a list of facts, or an information sheet.

*Readers including realistic depictions of dinosaurs.
~Black and White Non-Fiction Reader with two copies per page.
~Full Page Color Non-Fiction Reader
~Comprehension Questions for reader

*Graphic Organizer recording sheets which also include anchor chart headers to add to your large chart paper.
~KWL (with anchor chart headers)
~Schema (with anchor chart headers)
~Bubble Map
~Could, Had, Were (with anchor chart headers)

*Herbivore and Carnivore Compare/Contrast. 
~Anchor chart headers
~Graphic organizer 
~Information sheets
~Cut/paste activity

*Vocabulary Activities 
~Vocabulary Cards
~Full page vocabulary recording sheet
~Quarter page vocabulary recording sheet with booklet cover

*Dinosaur Research Activities
~Full Page Dinosaur information sheet on 6 dinosaurs
~"Pick Your Dinosaur" research slip
~Half Page Research Booklet
~QR code cards for each dinosaur that links to informational (and fun!) videos on each of the six dinosaurs.
~Research Planning Pages
~Research writing paper (multiple versions)

*Graphic Organizers to Use with any Dinosaur themed book. These graphic organizers can be used with any book!
~Beginning, Middle, End (2)
~First, Next, Then, Last (2)
~Venn Diagram
~Who, What, When, Where, Why
~Parts of a Book 

6 Writing Journal Covers: These whole page writing journal covers include a writing prompt. Just print, laminate, and attach to writing paper for a whole class writing journal!

8 Writing Prompt Cards: Quarter sheet sized writing prompt cards that can be cut out, whole punched and placed on a binder ring.

6 Writing Papers: Landscape and portrait writing paper with room for pictures!

Vocabulary Cards: Vocabulary cards with pictures. These can be cut apart and connected with a binder ring or displayed on a board.

Vocabulary File Folder: These pages can be attached to a file folder and kept in the writing center. You could also place them in a binder kept at the writing center all year. (Available in both color and black/white!)

1. Diggin’ Up Words: (R-Controlled Vowel Activity) Students dig out words (you can use rice or sand) and then record the words. I have included sheets for -ar, -or, -ir, -ur, and -er. (Pages 3-9) 

2. Scrambled Stegosaurus: Students unscramble the r controlled vowel word. (Pages 10-12)
3. Velociraptor Vowels: Students sort the short vowel words. (Pages 13-16)
4. Create a Word: Make words from the letters in the word “DINOSAURS” (Pages 17-19)
5. Searching for Syllables: Students sort words by syllables. (Pages 20-24)
6. Brachiosaurus Blends: Students sort words by beginning blend. (Pages 25-29)
7. Ankylosaurus ABC Order: Students place dinosaur vocabulary words in ABC order. (Pages 30-32)
8. Uncovering Contractions: Student’s find the two words that make up the contraction. (Pages 33-36)
9. Carnivorous Compound Words: Students find the two words that combine to make the compound word. (Pages 37-40)
10. Types of Words with T-Rex: Students sort nouns, verbs, and adjectives. (Pages 41-44)

I have also included black and white copies of all of the pages. These pages are NOT included in the total page count!

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