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  • Subjects: Math, Special Needs

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HELP Math is the leading research proven online, math intervention program in the U.S. that addresses the specific issues of teaching mathematics to English Language Learners (ELLs), students with ...
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This is a fantastic program for catching up or filling any math gaps that your middle schooler may have. We are using this for our son who is Dyslexic. Overall we are very pleased.” Barbet McLain This is an excellent math program my son is learning a lot and retaining what he has lea... John - Seller on Educents

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Product Description

HELP Math is the leading research proven online, math intervention program in the U.S. that addresses the specific issues of teaching mathematics to English Language Learners (ELLs), students with special needs, and all students struggling to achieve math mastery.

Who is it for?

Ideal for grades 3-8

Why buy?

HELP Math is the first instructional program to successfully incorporate sheltered instruction practices into a comprehensive academic curriculum using technology. The sheltered instruction is designed to improve the learner's understanding of the content, while simultaneously developing their English language proficiency by:

  • Increasing comprehensibility by scaffolding the learning, e.g. breaking down concepts into small, comprehensible “learning chunks”; synchronizing visuals, audio and interactivity to create a visual connection between words, symbols, and meaning.
  • Building background knowledge and prerequisite skills.
  • Targeting vocabulary development by emphasizing math content language as well as academic English; available to students as hyperlinked words within the instruction, and within an online dictionary of mathematical terms, including audio.
  • Providing bilingual support for custom curriculum and assessment. Teacher has the option of switching on/off.
  • Explicitly teaching problem-solving and test-taking skills, providing multiple opportunities for student responses and immediate corrective feedback when errors are made.

What is included?

Note: This is a one-year license.

Key Features:

  • Evidence-based: Gold Standard experimental research by the University of Colorado involving more than 1,000 students nationally showed significant increases in ELL student achievement.
  • Proven Effective: showing gains of more than 70%: for 6th and 7th grade ELL students on standards-aligned tests (NCTM) in independent research funded by the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Targets vocabulary development and academic English: read-aloud, Spanish/English hyperlinked key terms and glossary with pictorial examples and audio reinforcement; comprehensible input and language load factored into design and delivery of content.
  • Builds background knowledge and prerequisite mathematics skills.
  • Student-centered: enables students to engage with material at their own pace. On the computer, students can move faster or slower through a lesson depending on their ability.
  • Embeds sheltered instruction and other research-based strategies directly into a mathematics curriculum (see Sheltered Instruction tab).
  • Scaffolds learning by breaking concepts into small learning chunks with clear modeling of solution and directions, followed by interactive student practice.
  • HELP support tools may be accessed anytime and phased out when they are no longer needed. Tools include: Key Terms Dictionary & Hyperlinks (pictures and audio in English and Spanish); Bilingual Support (content and assessments); Need More Help Buttons (descriptive, immediate feedback); Virtual Manipulatives & Interactivities (protractor, number lines, base-10 blocks).
  • Highly interactive, colorful and musical: triggers multiple modalities, incorporating voice, music, visuals, text, and interactivity.
  • Aligns directly to math standards: Common Core State Standards, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and to ELL state content standards and assessment frameworks for mathematics (grades 3-8).
  • Teaches problem-solving and test-taking skills: how to read, comprehend and answer look-alike questions from state standardized math tests.
  • Uses visual representation to make content comprehensible without simplification.
  • Provides interactive feedback: constructive suggestions for improvement.

How it works

HELP Math has 72 lessons comprehensively covering math for grades 3-8 plus Spanish support, Real World activities, math games and much more! A $199 license is for one year usage per customer. Once you sign up, we will send a password for access and you simply go to and select from the pull down menu on the homepage to login

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    John - Seller on Educents

    This is a fantastic program for catching up or filling any math gaps that your middle schooler may have. We are using this for our son who is Dyslexic. Overall we are very pleased.”
    Barbet McLain

    This is an excellent math program my son is learning a lot and retaining what he has learned,”
    Susan Y

    I hope this form gets to the proper place since I really want to brag about Help Math. Please let us know if you get this. I am a former public school teacher, and have not found anything like this before.

    I spent tons of hours looking for a math program that would explain the math concepts to my child, and do it in an interesting way. This program really delivers! I wish I had found this years ago.

    We enjoy the speaker, (voice is pleasant unlike some programs we have) that is teaching the lessons, and the way we can interact on the computer screen when it s time to check student understanding. I love the scaffolding type of teaching since my son learns best in small chunks with a lot of repetition. They have you answer questions along the way, and also drag and match. One lesson on angles allowed you to drag the line to change the size of the angle, and showed the numbers changing as you change the shape of the figure at the same time as the math problem at the bottom of the page changed to match the new shape you were making. ie, a triangle with 60 degree angles, 60+60+60=180. A triangle will always equal 180 degrees no matter how the angles change. You could play with this and see that concept with the ability to drag the triangle into any form, and it always equaled 180 degrees. There is not a lot of reading for the student to do, so if reading is not a strong point for your student, this is a huge plus. We love the interaction we get, and the games and real life places they take you is so much fun that we don t want to stop our lessons. We were in Egypt today studying solid shapes. Great video, or pictures on all of the lessons make it fun and interesting. You can stop the lesson, reverse and listen again for extra instruction, or go ahead. I look forward to our next few years of using Help Math! Thanks for such an awesome program. There is no other like it that I've found!

    Mrs. DeWitt”
    S. DeWitt

    This is proving to be a helpful curriculum for my daughter who struggles with math concepts. It explains the problems in different forms to accommodate learning styles so each child can "get it" in their own way. I had a question re reviewing final tests and although my e-mail was never answered, when I called I received a complete and speedy answer so I am very satisfied. My daughter can go at her own pace and this curriculum is thorough, aspects that I think will help her excel at math. I definitely recommend this curriculum for those students struggling with math concepts.”

    I recently renewed my son's subscription to HELP Math because it has been such a valuable adjunct to his math curriculum. The program is well organized and engaging. I highly recommend it.”
    Jocelyn M.

    I love that there is a pre-test so you can start your student where they have defiencies. It's also nice that it doesn't let them move on to another lesson until they have reached profiency in the one they are on. My daughter is 5th grade and this is our second year homeschooling. I knew she wasn't taught everything she needed, and it was a relief to know that her weaknesses were being addressed before she moved on to harder concepts.”
    Dawn C,

    I just purchased HELP Math awhile ago and it is already making a huge difference for my kids. We have been living overseas and my kids used to go to the local schools. They had developed gaping holes in their learning for both math and english and I started homeschooling them to compensate. English was easy to figure out, but math was a disaster. They were pushing through math lessons daily and I would actually lay awake at night worrying about their math future. They were missing key components in their math learning from simple understanding of definitions of math-language, to calculation methods and key operations. HELP Math identified those problems through diagnostic testing and started them at the level they needed to be at-erasing all the guess work for me and saving us potentially hundreds of dollars in textbooks. Everyday now they come to me telling me about something new they have learned and how much they love this program. I actually have hope that they will succeed in math after all and I am looking forward to homeschooling next year with their newfound skills in their pockets. We had tried ALEKS math before but it had too many conflicts with our computer software and I didn't feel it went into depth like HELPMath. ALEKS customer service was terrible as well and when I wrote to tech support for help they sent me wrong advice and refused to restart the subscription. When I cxld they didn't seem to care. HOWEVER, HELPMath actually sent me personal emails to be sure that I was satisfied with the product and added a month to the subscription when we were late to start due to one of our computers being sent out for tuning up. I plan on using the program with my younger kids as well and renewing the membership next year for the older ones. HELPMath is not just for kids struggling in math. It is a comprehensive, instructional math program built on solid state standards. You can be sure if your child can complete this program that they are more than ready for the next level of education anywhere in the world!”
    Mrs. C Taylor

    This is the best! It has helped my son so much! I would recommend HELP-Math to anyone! Thank you thank you!!!”
    Michelle Harrington,

    I highly recommend HELP Math as it has been a successful supplement to my son's math curriculum. Over our years of homeschooling we have tried other online tutorials that have not held his interest or have been frustrating to work with as a student and a teacher.

    My ability to customize what lessons he is assigned and the percentage he needs to pass the final quiz allows him to learn and feel successful while I can assign lessons that will turn his weaknesses into strengths. This is the first online program he has really enjoyed.

    I also like that I receive notifications when he has attempted his final quiz several times and has not passed. This cues me to the need to work with him in areas of weakness.

    The majority of the time he can successfully complete the lessons on his own and I can then check to see what he has worked on, how long he took to complete a lesson, etc.

    I plan to continue using this program.”
    Kim Taylor

    This is an excellent program. The concepts are presented clearly and from different angles, so as to further understanding. The visuals are engaging, but not distracting. My son really enjoys using this program, and I would highly recommend it.”
    Jocelyn M.

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