Daily Close Reading {April}

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Daily Close Reading Practice
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Daily Close Reading Practice

In today’s classroom, Close Reading and finding Text Based Evidence is a critical part of the Common Core State Standards. Starting in 3rd grade, students go from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. Close Reading is an important part of this transition. Yes, students still need to read for enjoyment, but the majority of their reading starting in 3rd grade should involve higher order thinking skills, application of reading strategies, and talking back to the text. 

These Daily Close Reading Paragraphs are great to practice true Close Reading. Before diving into a full article or even multiple paragraphs, it’s important that students can master the strategy of Close Reading in “small bites” before hitting the ground running with whole articles or even chapters. 

These Daily Close Reading Paragraphs will prepare your students to best comprehend and understand what the author is saying to them and how the author manipulates the text to convey a message, either through text structure, inferences, text features or key details.

Because the ELA skills spiral in the Daily Close Reading Paragraphs, students get to practice “real reading” and review key ELA skills on a daily basis. As the year progresses, the skills will become easier to apply in their own real reading, as well as during assessment.

There are 20 Daily Close Reading Paragraphs for the month of April.

These can be used in several different ways:
*During morning work as a quick review and check-up. Many times morning work can just be “busy work”. However, these Daily Close Read Paragraphs are rigorous enough to get the daily brain juices flowing and they review key ELA skills and content for the CCSS.
*These would be great daily practices for small group pull outs. The skills spiral, and the passages are short enough to complete during a 5-10 minute mini lesson.
*These also would serve as a great homework practice. Not only that, but students will practice their fluency during each of the three reads of the text.

(c) Lindsay Flood 2015
Single Classroom USE ONLY!

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Primary Polka Dots

I love creating engaging, rigorous activities that will meet the needs of my students. It's important that they students enjoy what they are learning. This makes "real reading" and "real learning" in the "real world" more interesting and exciting.

I love ELA and have a passion for making reading fun! 

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