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A Lesson Presentation that presents Teaching Resources in Advertising. This presentation presents perfect teaching resources that will help the teachers to walk into the classroom with ready to tea...
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A Lesson Presentation that presents Teaching Resources in Advertising. This presentation presents perfect teaching resources that will help the teachers to walk into the classroom with ready to teach confidence as it covers all that a teacher and a student need for a lesson on creating an advertisement.

This Presentation Includes:1. Engaging and Creative Lesson Starter – Target Audience for Products2. Well Formulated, Measurable, SMART Objectives and Outcomes3. Overview of Vocabulary used for an Advertising Lesson4. Real Life Application and Career Options of Advertising5. Flipped Lesson Part - Video - What is Advertising? Definition and Examples6. Collaborative Group Task – Think-Write-Share, Commercial Assessment7. Space for Peer Teaching - What makes an Effective Assessment8. Mini-Plenary to Test Student Understanding – Quiz on Advertising9. Scaffolded Notes to Support the Learners - Template10. Assessment Criteria for Outcome Expectations - Rubrics11. Differentiated Activities for Level Learners - 4 Tasks12. Extensions to Challenge the High Achievers - Paper Advert13. Plenary to Assesses Learning Outcomes - PQP - Praise-Question-Polish14. Success Criteria for Self Evaluation - My Advertising Sketch15. Home Learning for Reinforcement - Radio and TV Adverts16. Common Core Standards - ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.1.a-d/2/417. Skills to be addressed during the Lesson - Social and Cognitive18. Educational Tools and Resources to make Student Outcome Engaging-LivelyTeachers can use this presentation to give a complete knowledge and understanding of Advertising to the learners, thereby helping them to enhance their creative writing skills.

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JOHN’S EDU EDITION really stands out for its unique share of resources and information. In addition, teachers can use these resources to support students as they include well-formulated lesson plans, carefully designed support material, and well-planned worksheets. This platform aims at bringing "Tomorrow's lessons to today's classroom, and today's lessons to a classroom now".

The Teacher-Author of this platform is an English graduate with a 1st Class degree. He has over 12 years of experience in the following subject levels: KS3 English Language Arts, English as Second Language; KS3 Mathematics. He uses his knowledge and experience to help students reach their academic potential. His tutoring experience has given him experience in working with students completing exams with various exam boards. He has learned successful techniques for helping individuals recognize the way they learn best and utilizing this approach in their personal study time. He personally enjoys making tutoring session’s fun, engaging and relevant by making links between the syllabus and current developments and applications within the topic. Additionally, he is a teacher-author at TPTTES, EC, TNB and FB

He is a post graduate having completed B. A. (Bachelor of Arts), B. Ed (Bachelor of Education), B. Phil. (Bachelor of Philosophy), B. Th. (Bachelor of Theology) and is specialized in Primary as well as the Secondary area. Presently, he is associated with The Westminster School, Dubai (Gems Education) as a Subject Leader of English for Grades 7 & 8.


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