Complete Wonders Focus Wall Materials {4th Grade}

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Do you use the Wonders reading program? If so this bundle is just for you. It includes everything you need for your focus wall for the entire year in a bright quatrefoil pattern.
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Do you use the Wonders reading program? If so this bundle is just for you. It includes everything you need for your focus wall for the entire year in a bright quatrefoil pattern.

Types of posters included are genre (2 versions), comprehension skill, comprehension strategy, grammar, phonics, essential questions, spelling words, vocabulary words, vocabulary strategy and header cards (4 versions) to set your board up. Download the preview for a sample of each included item. Below is a detailed list of each type of poster (excluding essential questions, spelling and vocab, words). These skills, words, and strategies come straight from the Wonders program. What better way to make sure your students know and remember exactly what they are learning during the week.***Note-if there is a certain skill/strategy you need included email me at [email protected] and I will see about adding it for you***22 genre posters with two versions to choose from:fantasyfictionnon-fictionmysteryscience fictionhistorical fictionrealistic fictionpoetryfolktalefairytaletall talemythlegendfablenarrative non-fictionexpository textbiographyautobiographypersuasive articlenarrative and free verselyric and free verseassonance and consonance20 Vocabulary Strategy posters:context cluesgreek and latin rootsidiomssuffixesfigurative languagehomographsgreek and latin prefixesprefixeshomophonesroot wordssynonymsantonymsusing a dictionary and glossarycompound wordsmultiple meaning wordsmetaphorssimilesparagraph cluesgreek and latin suffixespersonification7 comprehension strategy posters:rereadvisualizeask/answer questionsmake predictionssummarizestanza and meterrepetition and rhyme54 grammar skill posters:statementsquestionsdeclarativeinterrogativeexclamatoryimperativeexclamationcommandsentence sentence fragmentsubject/predicatecompound sentenceconjunctionscomplex sentencerun-on sentenceproper nouncommon/proper nounsingular/plural nounirregular plural nounpossessive nounaction verbscombining sentencespast/future/present tense verbshelping/main verbslinking verbsthe b=verb haveirregular verbspronounsantecedentrelative/reflexive pronounsubject/object pronounpronoun-verb agreementpossessive pronounhomophonesadjectivearticlecomparing with more and mostadjectives that comparecomparative and superlativescomparing with good and badadverbsadverbs that comparenegativessentences using prepositionsprepositionsprepositional phrases14 comprehension skill posters:main topicmain ideakey detailscharactersettingplot/eventsauthor’s purposesequencecause and effectcompare and contrastpoint of viewthemeproblem/solutionauthor’s point of view64 phonics posters:short a/e/i/o/ulong a/e/i/o/uprefixespluralsinflectional endingscompound wordspossessivesconsonant diagraphsthree letter blends-er-estsuffixes-less-fulcontractionsr-controlled vowels: ur, ir, erclosed syllablesopen syllablessilent letters-wr-kn-gn-mb-scfinal eVcesoft gsoft crelated rootsroot wordsvowel team syllables-y to iConsonant + le Greek rootsLatin rootsvariant vowels /o/frequently confused wordsLatin prefixesirregular pluralsfrequently misspelled wordsFinal /ən/ homophonesLatin suffixesmythologywords from around the world

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