Community Helper 3 Parts Classified Cards

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Community Helper 3 Parts Classified Cards will introduce your children to new vocabulary with 3 kinds of cards more systematically.
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Product Description

Community Helper 3 Parts Classified Cards will introduce your children to new vocabulary with 3 kinds of cards more systematically.

Key Card

Card number 1 is also called as key card. It has both picture and label. We can use this part for:

  1. Introducing the words using the image and label. Children will have concept about the meaning of the picture in a real life and the name of the picture on written word. They might also learn how to say the word matched with the phonics.
  2. We can use the card for playing such kind of “I Spy”. When you put together some key cards, you can ask children to look up certain word beginning with certain letter, ” I spy with my little eyes, something beginning with letter __”.
  3. You might also mention some characters of the item and ask kids to guess the item. We call it as a guessing game.

Picture Card

Card number 2 is called as the picture card since it only has picture on it.

  1. Picture card can be used for prompts in both oral and written vocabulary drilling. It is very simple. Just showing the picture to the children and they can write or tell the name of it.
  2. Both guessing and I Spy game variation can be used with just the picture cards assuming that children have been familiar with the words.
  3. Picture card can be used for creative writing as well. Children can write a story based on the picture taken securely out of many cards.

Label Card

Card number 3 is called as the label card since it only has label on it.

  1. Label card can be use with the picture card for children to match the name and the picture of of the item.
  2. We can use the label card alone for copying the word itself.

There are 24 items on 8 pages included in this set:

  1. businessman
  2. business woman
  3. farmer
  4. fisherman
  5. forest ranger
  6. lifeguard
  7. miner
  8. oil worker
  9. ski guide
  10. tour guide
  11. waiter
  12. waitress
  13. chef
  14. crossing guide
  15. detective
  16. doctor
  17. firefighter
  18. mail man
  19. mechanic
  20. nurse
  21. policeman
  22. teacher
  23. trash collector
  24. vet


  1. Print the pages on card stocks to make them more durable.
  2. Cut the the pages on the straight lines
  3. Alternatively, you just print them on white paper and stick each pieces on colored paper. If you doing so, cut the colored paper with a little space from the edges of the white paper to make it like a frame.
  4. When each piece of paper have been ready, you might laminate the pieces so that they are more durable and cleaner.
  5. Keep the set on an envelope.

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