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Charming Vowel Pairs Print and Go Activities- ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, oa, oe, ue, ie

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Save 25% on this interactive phonics (vowel teams) pack! This download includes sorts, mini-readers, posters, and MORE.
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Product Description

Save 25% on this interactive phonics (vowel teams) pack! This download includes sorts, mini-readers, posters, and MORE.

Help your students master, interact, and enjoy the vowel pairs with these exciting activities! Over 80 pages ready to print and go!

(Although there is a March/leprechaun-looking character on the cover page, activities are not St. Patrick's Day based and can be used year-round!:))

1. Charming Vowel Pair Sorts: Have students cut, sort, and glue each word based on its vowel pair.

2. Vowel Pair Posters: Use to introduce each vowel pair. Post in your classroom for added review. Or use in your writing center for students to reference words from. (Find it in the ZIP file)

3. Vowel Pair- Read, Write, Draw, and Circle: Help students read each word containing a vowel pair (I have mine highlight the vowel pair for added support during decoding.). Student will then write each word and draw a picture of its meaning. Finally, students will circle which vowel pair that word contained.

4. Vowel Pair Mini Readers: Print out each booklet (Each 6 pages creates 2 books)- I did this to conserve paper and to make it easy if you choose to print it out double-sided). Read each sentence, highlighting the vowel pair word, and using the picture for help with decoding/word strategies. The lines below each sentence can be used for several different things! You can have students rewrite the sentence, write a specific word, or practice making their own sentence with the word! (Find it in the ZIP file)- GREAT FOR PRACTICE WITH HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS TOO!

Please ask any and all questions before purchasing!

Thank you, and enjoy!
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