Channie's One Page A Day Single Digit Math Problem Practice workbook for PreK-1st & for Busy Parent & Teachers

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"Top Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars "must have" for first and second grade teachers! By Jackie Reitenbachon March 6, 2017 "Love it! I love having boxes so the students have enough space ...
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Product Description

"Top Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars "must have" for first and second grade teachers! By Jackie Reitenbachon March 6, 2017 "Love it! I love having boxes so the students have enough space to write the answers. I, also, love having one/two books that have sequential skill building for two and three digit addition and subtraction without and with regrouping. An excellent "must have" for any first or second grade teacher!" Patent Pending. Created by a concerned mom to address messy number alignment issue. 25 Single digit math problems on each page. Simply tear off one page a day and practice math with high accuracy! Remove the noises of lining up, focus on math repetition and calculation. Shorten the time spent on Math practice while improve the Math accuracy. Basic single and double digit math can be difficult for some children when they are first introduced to it. Not only are the processes of addition and subtraction confusing in the beginning, but the organization of the numbers also can be difficult for a child. This is even more so the case when the child does not have good handwriting skills. Channie’s Math LineUp Pads are designed to teach your child how to develop consistent number writing skills. They also reduce your child’s stress by helping them line up numbers neatly to increase calculation accuracy. It is a great way to organize their math practices and improve their math problem solving capabilities. Order Channie’s innovative Math One Page a Day Pad today and begin contributing to your child’s success in the classroom and in their future. This workbook is great for special need students that need simple and visual format for simplifying their math calculation process.
Who is it for?
  • Busy parents and Teachers
  • Students that need to concentrate on two digit addition and subtraction 
  • Tear off one Page a Day and improve your kids' math accuracy with all structured and lined up math problems. All they need to do is focus on math calculation and accuracy. 
  • Special need students, IEP, home schoolers.
What's included?
  • Page 1-4:  Simple additional problems with numbers from 1-5
  • Page 5-8:  Simple Subtraction problems with numbers from 1-5
  • Page 9-20: Mix of simple addition and subtraction problems with numbers from 1-5
  • Page 21-26: Additions problems with numbers from 6-9
  • Page 27-32: Subtraction problems with numbers from 6-9
  • Page 33-50: Mix of double digit additions and Subtractions from number 1-9

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About the Seller

Channie's Visual Handwriting Workbooks
(30 Reviews)

End your child’s struggle with handwriting using Channie’s revolutionary Quick & Neat Alphabet Pads!   When a concerned mom couldn’t find any solution in the market to help her son’s prolonged writing struggles, Channie took the matter into her own hands and developed this revolutionary learning and writing method to fix every challenge her son Alex faced during his first 3 years of school. In two months, Alex’s handwriting improved dramatically! Local elementary schools were so impressed that they immediately adopted this new method for their students. How does Channie’s method help? ·        

  • ·        Color coded middle section to guide lower case placement. ·        
  • ·        Double spaced lines to force proper spacing that children normally struggle with. ·        
  • ·        Boxed layout that maintains and controls children’s ability to write in a confined space along a straight line and autocorrect themselves. ·        
  • ·        Uniform blocks ensure consistent and accurate letter sizes. ·        

With such a precise method of writing, your child’s writing speed is certainly going to double!   What teachers think of Channie’s workbooks:   "It is the only tool that worked... After a month, more than half the class’ handwriting improved dramatically."—Ms. Motley, Kindergarten teacher.   "I used Channie's handwriting pads in all curriculum areas, math, science, social studies.. And I have seen tremendous growth. The parents have seen tremendous growth!"—Ms. Falls, 2nd grade teacher

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