Calico Critters Country Tree School

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You can literally climb the walls in this tree house schoolhouse! Climb up to the tower and leaf canopies to study astronomy through the Critter-sized telescope; attend classes in one-room-schoolho...
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Product Description

You can literally climb the walls in this tree house schoolhouse! Climb up to the tower and leaf canopies to study astronomy through the Critter-sized telescope; attend classes in one-room-schoolhouse style; curl up with a good book on the apple tree bench. Calico Critters love coming to school!
Did you get to climb a tree at school today? You would if you were a Calico Critter; their school is a tree!

The Critters get to learn lots of fun stuff at school, too. Just climb to the top of the tree to use the telescope! Find your place on the globe. Read stories and books about plants and the stars. Erase the chalkboard.

Then, go play with your friends at recess!

Check out the recital, or maybe sing and dance in the recital!

Attend class in the main school room with the wonderful lotus-topped pane windows.

You can literally climb the walls in this school; ladders and branch steps are built into the outer walls to get upstairs! Climb up to the walkway. Study in the tower with the fun bookshelves filled with books and a window perfect for dreaming about dinosaurs.

Relax in the tree canopy. The leaf canopies are made of flexible plastic so they're extra comfortable!

There's even a clock with turning hands mounted on the outside of the school house! When eight o'clock rolls around, you'd better run inside the carved double-doors for class!

For lunch, curl up on the apple bench with a book of crosswords, your best friend, and a marmalade sandwich.

This school is so fun, you might never want to go home!

Calico Critters Country Tree School
  • A tree house schoolhouse with tower reading room
  • Encourages imaginative play and fine motor skills
  • Promotes school as a fun activity
  • Enjoy a one-room school atmosphere with your best Critter friends!
  • All accessories are Critter-sized (Critters sold separately)
  • Sit your Critters in the desks; help them climb the ladders to the tower; show them the telescope
  • Includes 40 pieces of school furniture and accessories
  • Includes: 2 rows of desks for 6 critters, 6 chairs, walkway with 3 railings, school sign, tree branch, globe, telescope, bench, podium, easel board, eraser, 6 science books with pages, 6 sketch books, 3 story books, dictionary, stars book, plants book, attendance book, schedule, activities wheel poster, contest poster, recital poster, lost and found poster, decorative stickers
  • Finely detailed plastic play set with unique accents

    Note: Critters and some accessories shown on the box are sold separately. School is compatible with other Calico Critters sets and Critters.

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