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Set of 100 emergent readers! Engaging and hands-on practice with sight words! Children practice sight words while they develop fluency with these emergent readers. Click for more information!
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Product Description

Set of 100 emergent readers! Engaging and hands-on practice with sight words! Children practice sight words while they develop fluency with these emergent readers.

Click for more information!

Interactive Sight Word Readers allow students to read and spell sight words in a meaningful and engaging way. This set of 100 emergent readers provides students with an opportunity to read and spell sight words in a hands-on way. Each Interactive Sight Word Reader highlights one word to study. Every book shows a themed predictable sentence that is missing the word of study. Students will cut letters apart (included), then unscramble and glue the letters into each page to correctly spell the featured sight word. Picture support is also included throughout the readers. 

The following Interactive Sight Word Readers are included in this collection (the featured sight word for each book is displayed in ALL CAPS). Books are arranged in alphabetical order and sorted by the featured sight word. 

I Have A Backpack
My Teacher Knows ABOUT Everything
I AM Going to be a Star
I See AN Animal
This AND That
These ARE the Snowmen
Things I See AT the Beach
The Wind Blew it AWAY
What will I BE for Halloween?
Do You See the BIG Vehicles?
In the Deep BLUE Sea
The BOY Knows a Lot
Which Dogs are BROWN?
The Weather CAME
The Animals CAN Talk
COME to the Picnic
I COULD Go on Summer Vacation
I Help My DAD
DO You Have Your Things to Camp?
DO You See Santa?
What the Pets EAT
Can You FIND the Penny?
Valentines FOR Everyone
Vegetables FROM the Garden
My FUNNY Puppy
GET Ready for the Party
The GIRL is Having Fun
Johnny Appleseed HAS
Do You HAVE Your Things for School?
I HAVE Valentine Treats
HE is George Washington
I Saw the Leaves Fall Down
I Can HELP at School
HERE is the Feast
Winter is HERE
My Dad Will Wear HIS Handsome Clothes
I Learned HOW to be a Kindergartener
I Can Draw Shapes
I Saw the Leaves Fall Down
Santa’s Toys are IN his Bag
What is IN my Jar?
IS Under the Sea?
This IS Christopher Columbus
Brrr...IT is Cold!
I KNOW About Metamorphosis 
I LIKE to Eat Lunch
LOOK at the Monsters
Please Bring ME a Present!
I Can Help My MOM
What is on MY Sweater?
I Have NEW School Supplies
NO, I Have Not
NOW the Chick Grows
I'm Not Scared OF Anything!
Put ON a Halloween Costume!
Is the Pumpkin ORANGE Yet?
We Can Take Care of OUR World
What Comes OUT?
Let’s PLAY Ball!
May I PLEASE Have Some Ice Cream?
My Mom Likes PRETTY Things
I Think of RED, White, and Blue
I Want to Go for a RIDE
What the Animals SAID
I SAW My Bean Plant Grow
I SEE Outer Space
SHE has a Job
I Feel SO Much Better!
Winter is SNOW Much Fun
SOON it Will be a Ladybug
Look at THAT Egg
See THE Fall Fun?
Here is THE Party
THERE is the Wedding
THEY are Caterpillars
THIS is Abraham Lincoln
THIS is my Pet
THIS is Thanksgiving
The People Go TO Work
What is UNDER Water?
Going UP in the Air
I WANT to Grow Up
I WANT to Play Winter Sports
Where WAS the Pirate Treasure?
WE Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
I WENT on a Trip
WHAT is that Dinosaur?
WHAT Time is It?
WHEN I am 100...
WHERE are the Animals?
WHO is the Hero?
WHO is Trick-or-Treating?
What WILL the Baby Need?
Who is WITH the Farm Girl?
The YELLOW Sun Shines Down
Do YOU See the Gingerbread?

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