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Build a Medieval Times Castle Project

  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Science, Social Studies

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Students show what they've learned about the Medieval Times by building a castle!
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Students show what they've learned about the Medieval Times by building a castle!

I used this resource as a culminating activity for my Medieval Times unit last year. Students were to build a castle that would represent what we had learned about Medieval Times in the months prior to this. Because I wanted them to be as creative as possible and I wanted to assess whether they could get themselves organized to complete a project like this on their own, I didn’t give them too many directions. In fact, I only sent home a letter saying that they had to build a castle as an at-home project, and I included the rubric for the parents and students to go over. However, I am aware that this type of project may not work in every school environment, so I’ve added some things to the project in order for it to be more specific and detailed. It is up to you to use whichever method you are more comfortable with.

Included with this activity are instructions, letters to parents (in colour and BW) about the project, picture examples of castles made by students, handouts and reflection questions for students (in colour and BW), and a rubric.

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