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Nurture your children's love of science. Learning genetic engineering doesn't have to be complicated ... Our biotechnology education tools are specifically designed for to inspire future scient...
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Nurture your children's love of science. Learning genetic engineering doesn't have to be complicated ... Our biotechnology education tools are specifically designed for to inspire future scientists, innovators, and beginners aged 12 & up! Start with colour-changing bacteria and move onto smells, sensors and other apps in 2018! The Engineer-it Kit is every ingredient and consumables you need to start your hands-on genetic engineer experiences with a color-changing bacteria. The kit can be used with our DNA Playground (see our DNA Playground Starter Pack), your own equipment or things around the house. It comes with comprehensive online guides for each experiment including instructions, videos, and scientific descriptions

Engineer living things! Insert Jellyfish DNA in bacteria to create vivid, glowing colors with an all-in-one Ingredient Kit! 

Wow your friends! Perform impactful genetic engineering science at home, in 2 days.  

Inspire! Children aged 12+ can now engage in real-world 21st-century science.

Create Memories! Easy to follow instructions and videos tutorials makes it a memorable family-friendly experience.

Safety-tested for use at home, school and community spaces in North America.


The Engineer-it Kit contains: 


  • Transformation Buffer: Amino Labs’ proprietary transformation buffer is used in a colony transformation procedure to yield high transformation efficiencies. When you strictly adhere to the transformation protocol, this buffer rivals or is better than other commercially available competent cell & procedures. 
  • Recovery Media: Amino Labs' recovery media is used immediately after the heat shock during the transformation protocol. This nutrient broth aids the cells in recovering and has a proprietary recipe that further boosts the cells ability to survive the transformation and begin dividing. 
  • Agar Powder: This LB agar powder is industry standard to grow microorganisms.
  • Cells: This standard K12 strain of E. coli is non-pathogenic and is the prototypical strain used by thousands of labs around the world. 
  • DNA Program: This DNA plasmid is programmed to run in E. coli bacteria and express a product only during the stationary growth phase. This DNA plasmid is built using the Rapid DNA Prototyping (RDP) standard. The pigments program have color under the normal visible light, but some also glow vibrantly under a black light. 
  • Antibiotics for Transformation: Amino Labs' proprietary antibiotic delivery system helps stabilize antibiotics for shipping and long-term storage. These capsules have a measured amount of antibiotics for 45 mL of molten LB agar. 
  • Sterile Water: Sterility is critical when you’re doing biotechnology. This is distilled water that has been sterilized with an autoclave in order to ensure there are no contaminating organisms present. 
  • Loops: Small inoculating loops are used for transferring 1 uL of liquid and/or other tasks. Large inoculating loops are used for transferring 10 uL of liquid and/or other tasks. Large loops are great for spreading out bacteria after a transformation. 
  • Petri Dish / Plate: 6cm Petri dishes are large enough for typical lab experiments and help save on the cost of reagents as well as reduce waste.
  • Inactivation Bag: A heavy duty bag to put all of the kit waste in. After your experiment, add bleach and water to the bag to inactivate all the samples and practice safe science.
  • Plate Streaking Stencil: To grow the blank bacteria into separated, fast-growing colonies for engineering, you need to follow a certain streaking pattern that dilutes the number of bacteria you initially have on your loop and transfer onto the petri dish from point A to Z. This stencil will help you follow the pattern.
  • + Cells: This engineered stab of E. Coli K12 is non-pathogenic and allows you to create a positive control sample by growing it on a plate to test if your selective agar plates were successful.



  • a manual with easy to understand vocabulary and step by step procedures
  •  online simulation experiment simulation to practice with, teach you fundamentals and guide you along the way.
  • real-time video tutorials to follow while doing the hands-on experience
  • optional Cyber Bioworkshop with an Amino Labs' scientist (contact us to set it up cyberbio@amino.bio




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At Amino Labs, our goal is to make genetic engineering accessible to everyone! At the moment, genetic engineering affects more than a billion people every day as a core part of our society, yet, only a minuscule fraction of the population understand it. Driven by ground-breaking technology and UX, our easy-to-use kits are giving rise to the next 99 million bioengineers, from the ages of 12 and up

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