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Get Your Family In-Shape,NOW!!!! Do You need Physical Education credit?   Family Time Fitness® - Fitness 4 Homeschool® Curriculum   The Fitness 4 Homeschool Curriculum allows hom...
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We needed physical education but just moving around wasn't enough. This was quick and easy to use. It was engaging and unique Nicole S

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Get Your Family In-Shape,NOW!!!!
Do You need Physical Education credit?
  Family Time Fitness® - Fitness 4 Homeschool® Curriculum
  The Fitness 4 Homeschool Curriculum allows homeschool parents to teach physical education without previous knowledge of physical education and athletic development. Our program, designed by experts in fitness training, nutrition and body movement, is built to suit every age and ability level while affordably fitting into your budget. Our program combines flexibility and fun with a comprehensive curriculum to give your children a foundation for strong bodies and minds.
The Core Curriculum 1 contains more than 250 lessons that can be done in your home. Each lessons requires little or no equipment. Lessons take about 30-40 minutes to complete. It is a great way to start your school day or recharge after lunch.. Your children will be asking for their physical education lesson every day.


Think you have spent your entire curriculum budget? What about your family health budget? Not only is this program a fitness curriculum, it is a family health plan. Gym memberships can cost $150 a month for a family, and a single doctor visit for one can be around $120. Our program typically costs $39.95.  For $21.99 you get a complete Physical Education and Fitness program you can use for years!



What is Physical Education?


Physical Education (PE) is structured physical activity that develops an organized mind and body for students. Many homeschool parents commonly mistake any physical activity for a PE class. Unfortunately, unstructured physical activity does not give a student the building blocks for proper fitness development. Activities like one day co-op play, Wii Fit or Wii sports and individual sports are not considered physical education because they do not comprehensively teach and manage physical fitness in students.




Why does my Homeschool Curriculum need Physical Education?


We created the Fitness 4 Homeschool curriculum because of a lack of fitness programs for homeschoolers. We started this program because we couldn’t find any at all! With the child obesity epidemic on the rise in the U.S., now is the time to give our children the exercise guidance they need while building the skills necessary to stay fit for a lifetime.


We believe that a PE curriculum is absolutely essential for a balanced homeschool classroom. Our expertly designed program has been created to maximize the benefits of spatial awareness, body awareness, environmental awareness, enhanced neurological development, mind-body coordination, stress reduction, social engagement, poise and confidence.


We created this program to assist some of the common problems that arise from leaving a thorough PE program out of your family’s curriculum. This curriculum may help with the following:


• Knowledge and teaching on how to exercise

• Improvement of gross motor skills

• Childhood obesity prevention component

• Diabetes prevention component

• Weight management

• Develops self-confidence

• Increases energy and focus for academic studies

• Provides family fitness experience


• Gross Motor skills development

• Children's Exercise Options

• Family Health

• Increases PE/ Fitness options




How Does the Fitness 4 Homeschool Curriculum Work?




The program is designed to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for fitness. The 260 planned lessons teach you everything you need to know with minimal preparation time, and the lessons are also designed so that they do not require a large investment in equipment.


Our program is the only professionally planned comprehensive curriculum for Physical Education and Athletic Development designed with the needs of the parent in mind. Our PE curriculum works for any homeschool because it is easy to follow, can be customized to any schedule, and can fit in almost any space, outdoors or indoors. It’s even easier to follow with our tips for integrating physical education, progress logs and instructional videos.


The Fitness 4 Homeschool program is structured to be integrated into your teaching a minimum of three days per week, but we strongly recommend five. It takes 30 to 45 minutes each day, and we’re certain that it is so fun and engaging for the whole family that it will be the highlight of your student’s day.


The 260 lesson plans utilize repetition, but they are also progressive and sequential. The program is designed for all age levels and abilities, and because we believe that the learning process is most valuable with family engagement, the lessons are designed so that the whole family can join in the lessons


What is included in the Fitness 4 Homeschool Package?


The Fitness 4 Homeschool Curriculum includes a startup guide, PDF lesson plans, video demonstrations, and assessment tools,  One curriculum purchase can be used for all your children. The 260 lessons are delivered digitally. There are 13 ebooks that contain 20 lessons each.  This program is 1000+ pages of planned activities!


Startup Guide - The Startup Guide is a guide for parents and includes an introduction to physical education, information on what to expect from the program, safety information, how to integrate physical education into your curriculum, teaching tips and equipment information.


Lesson Plans – Each of the 260 professionally planned lessons arrives in PDF format and includes a List of Supplies, Warm-Up, Activity, Cool Down and Suggested Outdoor Activity. Each exercise is described in a detailed, user-friendly format for easy access.


Video Demonstrations – Each exercise includes a demonstration video with real kids doing the exercises. There are over 200 instructional video demonstrations available to you with this curriculum, and you are guaranteed lifetime access to these videos as we update them.


Assessment Tools – We provide tools to help track progress of the basic fundamental movements. Other downloadable tools include nutritional logs and meal planners for a comprehensive fitness approach.


Testimonials and Reviews


John Ratey of the Harvard Medical School states that “Exercise, good fitness-based exercise, makes our brains more ready to learn.” We have gotten excellent reviews from our customers who love the fun, flexibility and learning environment that Fitness 4 Homeschool provides.

Our own President of Family Time Fitness Jeremiah Knopp speaks about how his 7-year old nephew Braedan went from being able to do zero jumping jacks to 100 jumping jacks at a time after three months of the Fitness 4 Homeschool program. Dr. Minke, another of the expert curriculum designers, reports that his son now has confidence in playing catch or other physical activities, before which he was not at all interested in sports.

The Fitness 4 Homeschool Advantage

Fitness for Homeschool builds strong minds and stronger bodies, so make an investment in your homeschoolers’ futures. Team sports, recreational facilities or dance class, for example, simply can’t compare to a comprehensive fitness package. Designed by experts in body movement, kinesiology, training and nutrition, this program is more affordable and can be utilized in your own home.


* A physical education curriculum or program is one of the tools in prevention. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions contained in this website or product offered within the website are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. All matters regarding your health may require medical supervision. The author is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion within this website.

Who is it for?

  • Kindergarteners (5 to 6-year-olds)
  • 1st Graders (6 to 7-year-olds)
  • 2nd Graders, (7 to 8-year-olds)
  • 3rd Graders (8 to 9-year-olds)
  • 4th Graders (9 to 10-year-olds)
  • 5th Graders (10 to 11-year-olds)
  • 6th Graders (11 to 12-year-olds)


What's included?

  •  More than 250 individual physical education lessons.


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    We needed physical education but just moving around wasn't enough. This was quick and easy to use. It was engaging and unique

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    Mar 31, 2017

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Family Time Fitness

Every family needs to make physical movement an essential part of their daily routines.  Family Time Fitness is a leader in at home Physical Education. We have provided homeschool families with physical education programs for over 5 years. Our physical education programs provide ready made lessons that help everyone improve their physical fitness. All of our fitness programs and physical education lessons can be done at home. You do not need any experience as a physical education teacher or coach to implement our programs in your home. We have provided you with everything to make fitness fun. Start one of our programs today.

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