Base 10 Worksheets - Tens and Ones for Numbers 11-19

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Provide additional Base Ten practice for your students!
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Provide additional Base Ten practice for your students!

This is a collection of 9 worksheets to help young students practice counting tens & ones and recording numbers represented by Base 10 blocks. 

Three pages in the set are designed to help students grown comfortable examining and counting picture representations of Base 10 blocks. Only 4 problems are presented on these pages and they feature big, bold, simple representations of numbers 11-19. Children need to write how many tens and ones they see in each problem, then combine the digits to state how many in all. 

Three more pages feature the same type of problem. These pages contain 6 problems each and are best used after students have become comfortable identifying picture representations of Base 10 blocks. 

Three pages of test prep for Base 10 review and/or assessment are provided as well. For each problem on these pages, a picture representation of Base 10 blocks is provided along with three 2-digit numbers and response bubbles. Students will count how many objects are in the set then fill in the bubble below the number matching the picture quantity.

***Aligned with Common Core K.NBT.1

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