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Whether you have tried other Spanish programs in the past without success, or just haven't been able to fit Spanish into your busy schedule, this is THE program that will get your kids and students...
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Product Description

Whether you have tried other Spanish programs in the past without success, or just haven't been able to fit Spanish into your busy schedule, this is THE program that will get your kids and students REALLY learning Spanish and EXCITED about it too!

Using a blend of videos and hands-on activities, the program teaches USEFUL, day-to-day Spanish that both children and parents can relate to. The program also comes with a Parent-Teacher Guide with lessons and activities. 


Who is it for?


Ages 3 and up, including Mom and Dad. You can learn Spanish together!

The curriculum is designed for parents who do not know any Spanish as well as parents who speak Spanish but want the structure of a curriculum and need some help motivating their children to speak Spanish.


What is included?

This program teaches USEFUL, day-to-day Spanish in a more natural and enjoyable way. The program is based on fun and light-hearted videos of KIDS using Spanish in day-to-day life. Children enjoy and learn watching other kids using Spanish in activities they can relate to, such as birthday parties, soccer games, going to school, having a friend over and much more. MANY parents tell us that their children start speaking Spanish after the very first lesson!

 This Set includes:

  • Spanish DVD, Volume 1
  • Three full-color, high quality Workbooks of 20-40 pages each
  • Three Parent-Teacher Guides which make the program extremely easy to implement
  • A variety of fun, hands-on activities to get everyone having a great time while speaking Spanish
  • Complete Set of more than 170 Flashcards
  • Go Squish Card Game
  • Complete Sticker Set
  • At lessons twice weekly for 10 minutes or more, this is approximately a 20-week Curriculum.


Why buy?

This school year, add Spanish to your Curriculum with this great program and offer. Whether you have tried other Spanish programs in the past without success, or just haven't been able to fit Spanish into your busy schedule, this is THE program that will get your students REALLY learning Spanish and EXCITED about it too! Depending on your schedule, you can do as little as 10 minutes twice a week and still see great results.


Knowing a Foreign Language is so much fun, So Learning One Should be Too!!






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Product Reviews


Here are some of the reviews made by Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew last August, 2016.



"I have tried to incorporate learning Spanish many times into our school but have been unsuccessful. We have used a couple of different programs and they all end up tossed out for various reasons. It's too hard, or it's too boring, or it doesn't make sense. I knew as soon as I saw the Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, that I had to give it a shot. We love it! The video is great, and I am super impressed that my kids had already learned quite a bit after the very first day! "


---ABC's and Sweet Tea Review



"I would highly recommend this program to other families and I say that because we have personally seen success with it".

---As They Grow Up Review



"The goal of Starter Set 1 in this program is to help children feel comfortable and confident with a foreign language, and build their vocabulary and conversational ability. I can assure you it works! We haven’t even been using this program that long, but already my kids walk around the house singing “Grande, Pequeno, Grande, Pequeno!” as they pick up various objects. And they love to say me gusta and no me gusta to everything. Even our four-year-old has picked up many of the phrases and uses them correctly. We have all gotten a lot of laughs and had fun – this program makes learning Spanish just like another fun game for them, but a game they LOVE to play!"

---Happy Strong Home Review


"If you, like me, appreciate learning that can easily be done together with multiple ages of children, you will likely enjoy Foreign Language for Kids as an introductory Spanish resource"


---Training Happy Hearts Review


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About the Seller

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®
(14 Reviews)

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® is a new, award-winning Spanish curriculum for children (and adults) of all ages. The heart of the program is an entertaining and light, eight level sitcom styled video series of children using Spanish in useful, day-to-day situations. The videos are gentle Spanish immersion and teach the way our first language was taught. The program is easy, the results are amazing, and the videos are fun and engaging! 

In addition to the video series, we have developed a variety of hands-on supplements for all types of learners. Choose the materials that work best for your students and your schedule, from online quizzes, interactive worksheets and games, to print workbooks, card games, flashcards, sticker sets, and board games. In response to parent requests, we also developed Teacher Guides with detailed lesson plans and easy customization so the program is very easy to implement.

We are thrilled to offer this program to families and teachers. High quality foreign language materials and program aren't easy to come by in the U.S., as you probably know. We value your time, effort, and money and don't want to waste any of yours. That's why it took us more than six years -- a lot of our time, effort and money -- to develop, test, and complete our Spanish Curriculum, in which children will enjoy, succeed, and become enthusiastic about learning foreign language. We have Mandarin Chinese filmed but put it aside until we had done our very best to provide you with the highest quality Spanish Curriculum. Your students will learn from this program.

Thank you for the wonderful privilege to help teach your students. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for suggestions about how to best use the program. We are dedicated to seeing your students flourish with Spanish and are here to support you in that process.  




Founder, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids



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