An Educational Coloring Book - 99 Occupations: "When I Grow Up I Want to Be..." For Ages 5 to 14

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Help your child to learn all about 99 different careers and jobs through a fun-schooling coloring book!
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Awesome Thinking Tree journal to help teach kids about different careers. Also gives them an open mind to the possibilities!! Amy M - Parent

Love all the detailed and beautiful illustrations! Teresa S - Homeschooler, Parent

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Product Description

Help your child to learn all about 99 different careers and jobs through a fun-schooling coloring book!

By coloring picture of 99 people doing different jobs your child will have an opportunity to think what he or she wants to do in the future.

Take the time to talk with your child about each job.

All the coloring pages are one-sided so your child can use markers, gel pens or colored pencils with out worrying about messing up the picture on the other side of the page. 

 Thinking Questions to ask your child while he or she colors:


1. What is this person doing?

2. What would the world be like if no one did this job?

3. Would you like to do this job? Why or why not?


When you print this as a double sided book there will be a place to take notes on the back of each coloring page.  


For more fun and educational coloring books and homeschooling journals visit www.FunSchoolingBooks.com 


These pictures can also be found in our book for teens called "How to Make Money"


If you are homeschooling you can use this book for Social Studies or Economics. 


Copyright: For Home & Family Use Only. 


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    Amy M - Parent
    Another great journal

    Awesome Thinking Tree journal to help teach kids about different careers. Also gives them an open mind to the possibilities!!

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    Feb 16, 2018
    Teresa S - Homeschooler, Parent

    Love all the detailed and beautiful illustrations!

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    Feb 14, 2018
    Deborah S - Homeschooler, Parent
    Great resource for any child

    I have both 99 Interesting Occupations and How to Make Money. My 6 year old loves to colour the pages and asks questions about the occupation which usually ends with him pretending that he's doing that job. My step-daughter worked on How to Make Money when she was 11, although similar to 99 Interesting Occupations, it required her to research and answer questions about the occupation.

    Both of these journals are excellent for having your child explore all the possible jobs that may interest them and show them some that they may not even have thought of.

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    Jan 30, 2018
    Scott And Angela S - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero
    Great way to get your children thinking about their future.

    At first glance this seems like a coloring book, which in and of itself is awesome...but it's soooo much more. The illustrations are not just an illustration, they are each an occupation. You can talk with your children about what the occupation is, and sometimes it may be more than one thing depending on how they see it. You can dig deeper and learn together about what it takes to be that occupation, or if that is something your child would be interested in. Maybe with young children it ends there...but for older children, you can investigate what it takes to be that profession, how that profession impacts the community, what the average salary for that profession is, maybe take a field trip to see that profession in action looks like. Each profession has a page for taking notes. Another great, open ended, learning opportunity from The Thinking Tree.

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    Jul 11, 2017

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