Amazing World Records of Science and Technology—20 Innovative, Easy-to-Integrate Lesson Plans

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20 Amazing World Records of Science and Technology! 60 Reproducible Activity Sheets, Teaching Tips, and Complete Answer Key.
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20 Amazing World Records of Science and Technology! 60 Reproducible Activity Sheets, Teaching Tips, and Complete Answer Key.

A great way to teach science and technology! Capture students’ attention with a jaw-dropping world record and then build on that interest to teach core ideas. The world’s oldest fossil (3.5 billion years old) leads to facts about fossils generally and a challenge for kids to go fossil hunting. The world’s first motorized vehicle (a steam powered tractor—way back in 1770) leads to a timeline of how the steam engine ushered in the modern age of transportation. What was the world’s first aircraft? (It wasn’t the Wright Brothers’!) How long would it take to walk the length of the world’s largest ship (a good 15 minutes). Students research, read, think, and learn how science and technology are woven into their everyday lives.

Grades 5-9. Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association. 60 Reproducible Activity Sheets. Teaching Tips. Complete Answer Key.

Part of the Amazing World Records Series!

Amazing World Records of Science and Technology includes a rich assortment of topics: 

The Difference Between Science and Technology • World’s Most Common Plant • World’s Largest Living Organism • World’s Tallest Plant • World’s Largest Animal • World’s Most Common Animal • World’s Oldest Fossil • World’s Most Active Volcano • World’s Oldest Rock • World’s Rarest Element • World’s Oldest Observatory • World’s First Motorized Vehicle • World’s First Aircraft • World’s Largest Ship • World’s Largest Train • World’s First Space Station • World’s Longest Road • World’s Longest Bridge • World’s Tallest Building • World’s Largest Dams • World's Longest Canal

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