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All - All About Me resources in a one stop shop! Save $6 than purchasing all individually. It's like getting 2 full resources for FREE!
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All - All About Me resources in a one stop shop! Save $6 than purchasing all individually. It's like getting 2 full resources for FREE!

All About Me ABCs

Who can play?

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarteners (5 to 6 years of age)
  • Home-School
  • Your budding author

Let's Play!

  • All About Me ABC book is 26 printable worksheets. Each page has one letter of the alphabet and the sentence, “I know these words. They start with the letter (-).” Children will draw pictures of the words they know that start with that letter. If they cannot draw a picture for the word they can just write the word as well. 
  • This book could also be used throughout the year to add words to the pages as they learn more and more words. Each page could also be a poster in the classroom to be a cooperative poster. Each child would add words to the page. 
  • Be sure to write the words under the pictures.


Who can Play?

  • Preschool (as young as 3 - The younger the student the more work for the teacher)
  • Kindergarten and Early Education
  • Homeschool

Let's Play!

The All About Me Printable Book is great for back to school or to finish the year. I created this during our Me, Myself and I week and have used it in our All About Me, Family and Pets week. You can really make this book your own. I have done the work right on the pages. I have done crafts adn glued them onto the page. No matter how you do it it will be amazing! 

When you create the whole book you will work on:

  • counting, 1:1 correspondence
  • letter and name recognition
  • fine motor - cutting, drawing, painting
  • sensory experiences 
  • descriptors: longer, shorter, taller, more and less

The book includes the following pages:

  • Name
  • Age
  • # of Letters in Name
  • Poem
  • Family
  • Family Activity 
  • Gender
  • Fingers
  • Toes
  • Height
  • Fingerprints (No one is just like me)
  • Favorites: Toy, TV Show, Movie, Art Supply, Food, Color, Shape
  • Birthday
  • Self Portrait (This is Me)

All About Me Glyph

Who can play?

  • Preschool (4K or pre 5K)
  • Kindergarten through Second grade
  • Homeschool (Great for Co-ops)
  • After School Programs

Let's Play!

  • All About Me Glyph is a great way to get to know your students. It will also help ease your kids into your classroom. Maybe make the beginning of school be not as scary. 
  • Children will color the different spaces according to the code provided. 
  • A to Z letters are included. 
  • After coloring in the pages you can talk about how people are similar and different. You can even talk about sorting by using their preferences. 

All About Me Activities and Lessons

Who can play?

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten (5 to 6 years old)
  • Homeschool

Let's Play!

All About Me Activities and Lessons can be used with the All About Me Printable Book or as a stand alone Mini Unit.

This unit includes:

  • 6 How to Plays
    • Measure my name
    • Life Size Me (with Printable labels)
    • Name Rubbings
    • My Placemat
    • Feel My Heart Beat
    • Shape Man
  • Family Member Sort
    • Group your family
    • Create a family and count
    • letter to family member sort
  • My Phone Number Is (Printable Sheet)
  • Oval Head Activity Mat (Great for Playdough or Felt Shapes)
  • Number Flip and Counting Activity
  • Get Dressed Roll 10
  • My Name Starts with --, Great for Dot Dabbers or Playdough
  • Number Sequence Puzzles

All About Me Task Cards

Who can play?

  • Preschool 
  • Kindergarten (5 to 6 years of age)
  • Unique Learners
  • Homeschool

Let's Play!

56 total task cards. Four task cards per page.

  1. ​Batch One: Pre Write Task Cards
    Great for pencil control 
  2. Batch Two: Image Match Task Cards
    Great for pencil control, visual discrimination, and visual scanning skills.
  3. Batch Three: Counting Task Cards
    Great for counting, group recall and number recognition.
  4. Batch Four: Number Tracing Task Cards
    Great for pencil control, number recogntion and writing skills.
  5. Batch Five: Color Task Cards
    Great for color recognition and pencil control.

Updates to Activities and Lessons

Let's Play!

  1. I like ---. 
    This activity includes cards "I" "like" and several cards with pictures and images of things in the classroom students would like. Like blocks, cars, and puzzles.
  2. How do you eat?
    Cut apart the spoon, fork and fingers. Cut apart the sheets of food. Have children sort how you would eat the different items. These cards can also be used to create "I like" sentences.
  3. How old are you cut outs?
    These came in really handy during creating our All About Me Books. These numbers are also great for counting centers.
  4. Word Wall Strips
    24 different word strips for your use in vocabulary development. Includes 5 senses! 
  5. I have, Who has?
    These are small versions of this game, but there are 6 different cards in each version - Family members, Body Parts, and Clothing.

Embrace play! Make it a fun day!


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