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"A+ Math" Placement Test with Lessons (2 Students, Identify and Close Learning Gaps in just 3-months)

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  • Subjects: Math

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* Don't let your students struggle in math - Identify and Close learning gaps in just 3-months or less. * SAVE on "2-Student" Adaptive Placement Test w/ Lessons program * Unit-tests identify any ...
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Product Description

* Don't let your students struggle in math - Identify and Close learning gaps in just 3-months or less. * SAVE on "2-Student" Adaptive Placement Test w/ Lessons program * Unit-tests identify any learning gaps using adaptive multi-grade level tests * Program then creates a "personalized" lesson plan to target problem areas - EVERYTHING INLCUDED! !


Wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure that there are no learning gaps? Self-paced testing helps students focus on specific concept areas (1 or 2 each day) for more accurate and comprehensive testing without overwhelmingStudents take “mini-test” for each concept that covers a logical group of skill areaIndividualized Lesson Plan includes everything to help your students close learning gapsEasy to read reports measure student’s progress and give you accurate progress reportParental controls allow parents to optimize program features to fit specific student needs (adjust time allowed for test, hide/unhide test timer and more…)

What is included?

3-Month access to A+ Interactive Math's Adaptive Placement Test with Lesson Plan  includes  comprehensive testing  and “individualized” lesson  plan specifically to address your student’s learning needs. The lesson plan includes colorful, engaging, and fun multi-media lessons that teach math concepts using audio, visuals and text. Each lesson includes an Interactive Review that identifies and closes learning gaps by automatically re-teaching math concept if student provides an incorrect answer to any questions. Students can use worksheets to apply math concepts, then follow step-by-step solutions to each practice problem.

A+ Math is self-paced and encourages independent learning. The lessons are easy to understand with frequent reference to examples from daily life (where possible) to make learning math more relevant which also helps with retention. With A+ Math, students make huge progress in less than 30 minutes  a day.

How it works

* You will receive an "activation code" with instructions to setup a parent account and a student account. * Student logs into his/her account to take the placement test - a unit test for each major math concept. * Based on the test result, the program creates an "individualized" plan to close any learning gaps that includes fun, colorful and engaging video lessons, interactive review and practice problems with step-by-step solutions. * Parent and student can view progress any time using easy-to-use progress reports.

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A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)
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We make your homeschool journey with math EASY! With our Math Curriculum Online Program, you can RELAX! You don’t have to teach or grade Math. This program DOES EVERYTHING for you including teaching, grading and tracking.

We provide Interactive Math curriuclum products that help you identify any learning gaps and close gaps with a "personalized" lesson plan. We also offer full curriculum products for 1st - 6th grade, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 via Online, on CD and in eBooks format. Our math products help you "Build a Strong Foundation in Math You Can Count On!"

Our products are used by thousands of homeschooling families as well as public and private school teachers and students.

Some of the products we offer are:

  • Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan to "Identify & Close" Learning Gaps
  • Family Math Packages - Online (Options to choose between 1-10 students)
  • Single Grade Level - Online Curriculum (PC and MAC compatible)
  • Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Full Curriculum Software CDs
  • Full Curriculum Textbooks (eBooks)
  • Workbooks -eBook (100 to 145 Worksheets, Chapter Tests & Answer Keys)
  • Supplemental Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Software CDs

Visit our store to see "AWESOME" deals on various math curriculum products - up to 80% OFF.  We offer "Adaptive Math Placement w/ Lessons" program that "identifies" learning gaps and creates a "Personalized" lesson plan to target the problem areas. See our reviews on Pinterest for more reviews.

We also offer complete curriculum Online, on CD as well as in eBooks format.

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