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5th Grade Math - Numbers and Operations in Base 10 Bundle

  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Math

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  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Transform daunting word problems into fun animations!
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Product Description

Transform daunting word problems into fun animations!

Make math more animated and captivate your students' attention with these rich visual animations which help students understand concepts quicker.  


6 fun animation videos which include stories of two kids Sammy and Keona who visit super fun amusement park and interesting math encounters during the visit. 
6 worksheets with solutions.

Concepts Included

1) Recognize place value systems in multi-digit numbers

2) Multiply numbers by power of 10 

3) Write decimals in expanded forms

4) Compare two decimals using >= < signs

5) Round decimals 

6) Multiply multi-digit whole numbers

7) Divide multi-digit whole numbers

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About the Seller

Math Animations by PrepToon
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Ruchi and Joseph are a husband and wife team who are very passionate about helping teachers, homeschoolers and parents to make Math less daunting for students.

There are a growing number of students who lose motivation to learn Math because the learning activities used to teach Math at school or home are just not relevant or engaging to capture the students attention.

PrepToon make Math easier and fun to learn by using engaging visual media to present Math problems and using everyday life themes that students can relate to. You will see an increase in engagement, conceptual understanding and retention of concepts upon using PrepToon.

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