5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills

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A fast, fun, phonic approach to improve reading skills. Just takes 5 minutes a day. Students love to chart and see their progress each day. Words per minute go up, mistakes per minute go down. Perf...
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A fast, fun, phonic approach to improve reading skills. Just takes 5 minutes a day. Students love to chart and see their progress each day. Words per minute go up, mistakes per minute go down. Perfect for new or struggling readers, including students with dyslexia, LD, ADHD, or even adult dyslexia. Easy-to-use for teachers, homeschoolers, tutors, parents looking for a little extra help for their children to improve reading fluency and ability. Used in schools and homes worldwide.

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Who is it for?
  • Students of all ages
What's included?
  • Teacher's manual and Student's booklet 
  • 45 different reading drills
  • Progress charts
  • Tips for success

5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills was developed by Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET (Board Certified Educational Therapist). This proven method improves reading through visual and auditory learning. Lessons are only 5 minutes in length, making them ideal for students with short attention spans. A proven program that is sure to turn slow, choppy readers into faster, smoother, and more confident readers.

University of Florida states that reading fluency practice that is only 5 or 6 minutes a day will result in substantial gains. It’s the daily fluency practice that makes the difference.

Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills even addresses some of the underlying causes of fluency problems such as visual tracking and visual closure in short 5-minute fluency practice sessions. Additionally, because phonemic awareness skills are critical to becoming a fluent reader, they are incorporated into the fluency drills. And, as you become a more fluent reader, your comprehension improves too!

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About the Seller

Bonnie Terry Learning

Thousands of students across the world have seen incredible gains with Bonnie Terry’s programs over the past three decades. From struggling learners to those with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, developmental delays to even gifted students, Bonnie Terry has unlocked these student’s minds and has enabled them to not only succeed in school, but in all areas of life. Learning can become easier, even for the most challenged learner. Learn more about Bonnie Terry Learning at www.bonnieterrylearning.com.

Bonnie Terry is a board certified educational therapist and learning disabilities specialist. Bonnie started with a private tutoring practice using research-based methods. From the beginning, she taught with the methods of associative learning, the Strategic Instruction Model, Orton-Gillingham, and more. From here, Bonnie started developing her own custom methods. In her private practice, students of all types started seeing tremendous gains. Teachers were wondering what Bonnie was doing to boost struggling kids’ skills. Bonnie soon realized her methods and programs could help more people than just those in her private practice. In order to help all struggling learners, she then developed her products and programs in a way that parents and teachers alike can use her products and programs with their own students.

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