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100+ Notebooking Page Templates

  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Foreign Languages, Social Studies

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  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Equip your homeschooling activities of notebooking with a digital collection of 100+ Notebooking Page Templates to make notebooking more engaging and to ease your work. Almost all pages have editab...
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Product Description

Equip your homeschooling activities of notebooking with a digital collection of 100+ Notebooking Page Templates to make notebooking more engaging and to ease your work. Almost all pages have editable titles with more systematic and natural layouts.

We are very glad to be able to present 100+Notebooking Page Templates to be used by any homeschoolers in many different subjects andages.

Since the first time we start to homeschool our children formally, we have fallen in love with notebooking for some reasons. Notebooking has given us some ways to:

  • take notes of any lessons and subjects (language arts, history, bible, geography, science, civics, maths, etc)
  • organize the layout into paragraphs
  • build up many aspects of language arts including: grammar, writing, narration, vocabulary and spelling.
  • do copy work
  • make a report
  • do narration
  • write a journal
  • draw comics or illustration
  • explain system and process, etc.

During this time, I have used a lot of notebooking pages, both the templates and the packages.

Although there are a lot of notebooking page available, I also love creating customized notebooking page templates to be more affordable to many homeschooling families with more economical values available.


Here are some features of our 100+ Notebooking Page Templates:

The package contains a total of 102 different layouts of notebooking page templates. None of them is similar, but each of them has special features or purpose of use.

Almost each page has an editable title that you can type using Adobe Acrobat Readers. Therefore, most title spaces have rectangle or straight format to perform the page tidier.

The package combines some collection of more systematic layout for more complicated facts and simple layout for more natural narration.

There are a few number of primary lined pages for some basic layout for bigger letters so that you can include younger age children (around K-2).

There are also some medium heigh primary lined pages for older children improve their handwriting quality.

Some pages have colored lines and the others have black lines so that users have some options to choose. Although some pages have colors, they still look good with black and white printer.

There are some specific pages available:

    • Biography page
    • Vocabulary page
    • Word Lists page
    • Time Line page
    • Copy work pages for poems

Basically, notebooking can be used for any homeschooling methods (Charlotte Mason, classical, school at home, unschooling, eclectic, unit study, Moore formula, etc)

This is a digital product so that people around the world can get it very easily without shipping fee. Once payment has been done, a download link will be sent directly to the email address that is used for purchasing this product. Keep the file securely and you might use it anytime you want.

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