1 Pound of Tumbled Stones

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A whole pound of beautiful semi-precious gemstone rocks and minerals!
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A whole pound of beautiful semi-precious gemstone rocks and minerals!

One Pound of Tumbled Stones 

If you are looking for a delightful gift for a rock hound kid...

consider our treasure bag of tumbled minerals!

A pound of beautiful minerals, handpicked to assure a great selection of up to 20 different specimens. A great value, over 30 beautiful stones. These are stones that easily go for 50 cents to a $1 a piece at a rock or musuem shop!

• Makes a great gift for any children or adult! 

• Beautiful colorful natural gemstones, great to hold and admire

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RockHoundKids Shop
We began to study rocks and minerals in our homeschool studies in 2003. Apparently, Jessy decided that she really liked this, and began her own collection. Maggie too, but well, Maggie collects hamsters, too, so she made a nice collection, but was ready to move on to weather studies! But not Jessy! She filled one box and then another. Soon, we were looking up links and going to rock shows and hunting around old quarries. She was bitten with the rock hound fever! We searched for good quality specimen kits but were sorely disappointed. Most were teeny little specimens, glued to a cheap cardboard with hardly any information and expensive! We began to purchase collections from old rock hounds that were done with their collections and then moved on to wholesale mineral purchases! Dragon Mountain Treasures was born.



Jessy began to assemble a great kit for kids to see and explore and experience the fun of rock collecting. Her kits have great specimens, individually bagged and identified. Easy to hold, big enough to examine with a magnifying glass up close to see crystaline structure. Easy to compare with other family specimens. A good, honest value.

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