On My Way to 1st Grade! Kindergarten Review Practice Pack


  • Grades: Preschool

  • Subjects: Math, Reading

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Product Description

This 43 page packet is intended as a review exercise for kindergarteners to complete over the summer break, prior to entering first grade. The majority of this packet is aligned with math and ELA Common Core State Standards with a few introductory skills for the first grade. This black & white packet includes a list of 90 kindergarten sight words and number identification practice worksheets! 

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43 pages - perfect for summer review after kindergarten or for the first few weeks of 1st grade!

Skills include:

  • identifying sets that show more/less
  • number identification/writing
  • alphabet letter writing practice
  • telling time to the hour
  • skip counting by 10's, 5's, 2's
  • capitalization/punctuation (sentence writing)
  • rearranging mixed up CVC words
  • patterns
  • addition story problems with manipulatives
  • identifying what does not belong in a set
  • abc order (letters only)
  • ordering numbers before, after, in between
  • beginning and ending sounds
  • recognition of b's
  • number words to ten
  • short vowel sounds
  • reading sentences with CVC and sight words
  • numbers chart to 20, 50, 80, 100
  • rhyming words
  • syllables
  • color and shape recognition
  • 2 D and 3 D shapes
  • "fix" the sentence
  • sequencing stages of a butterfly
  • subtraction with manipulatives
  • same beginning sounds
  • measuring with non standard units (blocks)
  • real vs nonsense words
  • close sentences with sight words
  • coin identification
  • ordinal numbers to 5
  • positional words
  • solve addition problems to 10
  • word families
  • describing a frog
  • one/more than one
  • noun identification
  • identifying correctly spelled words
  • comparing sizes
  • manipulating shapes to create a bigger shape
  • story elements (character, setting, plot)
  • 90 sight words
  • short story prompt
  • list of recommended reading *added 5/2013
  • life cycle of a frog
  • short/long vowels
  • retelling of a story with details
  • decomposing numbers
  • representing a number in a different way
  • ten frames
  • greater than, less than, equal to (comparing numbers)
  • solving for the missing addend
  • multiple meaning words
  • place value (tens/ones)
  • understanding and using questions
  • substituting sounds to make new words

*All of the exercises are meant to be utilized as review. All images are original except for where noted on the credits page.

I hope you find this packet useful!


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