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Oball Roller


  • Grades: Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten

  • Subjects: All

  • Product Type: Toy

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Product Description

Rhino Toys Oball Roller. Rattling ball inside a flexible Oball with push handle frame. Excites babies, toddlers & beginning walkers! Makes delightful noise as it's shaken, thrown, and rolls along. Use without handle attached or snap-on handle for push toy variation.
Shaking, rattling, and rolling fun - The Oball Roller!

Inquisitive little kids find the Oball Roller lasting fun! (-As they should, this is a toy that grows with them!) A clever toy of impressive design.

In the beginning, little children grab, shake, and throw Oball in enthusiastic play. Before long, they're interested in the push handle and making Oball rattle and roll as they push it along the floor.

A rattling ball is home inside a smooth and flexible Oball - which attaches neatly onto a plastic frame for easy pushing.

Rhino Toys Oball Roller
  • Rattling ball inside a flexible Oball with push handle frame
  • For sensory awareness, fine motor skills, gross motor skills
  • Sure entertainment - excites babies, toddlers & beginning walkers!
  • Makes delightful noise as it rolls along
  • Finger-holes for easy grabbing & holding
  • Remove handle for a simple ball & rattle combo
  • Attach the plastic handle for push toy variation
  • Oball Diameter: 6 inches; smaller rattle ball inside
  • Handle attached: 8 x 24 x 6 inches
  • Free of PVC, Latex & Phthalates
  • Color may vary, color selection not available
  • Dishwasher safe
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      Not Annoying (like others)
      Nov 28, 2016

      This seems to be a well made product. I would recommend purchasing either when a child has just learned to walk or a few months before. The ball comes off to convert into a fun ball to play with for a non walker. I purchased this for my 16 month old & she's not really interested in it. A few months ago it probably would have appealed to her more. This toy is not loud or annoying like the classic popper push toy so it makes for a good alternative.

      Amber C
      Review of Oball Roller
      Nov 28, 2016

      It was her favorite toy she received this Christmas. Actually, the other grandkids wanted to play with it too.

      Amber C
      Great for new walkers!
      Feb 01, 2016

      We gave this to our daughter for her 1st birthday. She's loves to push and push it around our house. We have carpet and hard wood and the ball rolls great on both surfaces.

      Kaitlyn T
      My rating of Oball Roller
      Jul 21, 2015

      I bought this for my grandson on his first birthday. He is not yet walking. He was immediately drawn to it and reached inside for the ball, then rolled it on the floor. I think he really enjoy pushing it when he starts walking!

      Allen C
      Oball Roller for Toddler
      Jan 16, 2015

      Our toddler loves to push things around and this roller does just trick. He pushes it around the house with ease and it is soft enough to not cause any damage when he runs into walls and furniture. It's a great rolling toy.

      Jennifer Z

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