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Numbers League - Math Card Game


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  • Subjects: Math

  • Product Type: Game

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Math card game with great illustrations where you use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to capture villains with the superheroes you build. Adventures in Addiplication await!

This card game is so fun, your students/kids don't even realize they're playing a game! The base game is made for 2-4 players, but can be stretched to 5. If you add expansions, you can play up to 8 or 10 easily.  The objective is to capture villains by building superheroes (head, torsos, legs) that add up to the number on the villain's card. A game of combinations, they can use a first and second hero together, multiply one with an equipment card, then add it to another... whatever it takes to get those villains!! 


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    This game has been a big hit with my son
    Feb 05, 2017

    My son loves this game so much. I love that you can make the game short or last a longer time. I also love the various math skills and levels it offers. A great idea turned into a wonderful game. Thank you to the creator.

    Cari - Parent, Teacher, Super-hero
    5 Stars!!!
    Oct 24, 2016

    This game is phenomenal for my 7 year old son!!! He can not stop thinking about it!
    We have had it for about a week now, and he plays it literally every day.. if I don't have time to play with him he will set up the cards and play by himself! Wow!
    It's great for practicing number fluency, adding, subtracting, multiplying, etc. It appeals to my son because you are putting together superheroes to capture villains.. he LOVES it and can not get enough of it!
    One of the best purchases I have made on Educents! :) Simple, yet fun and definitely educational!

    Faith - Teacher

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Date Night Game Night
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Everyone learns best through play time, and board games teach cooperation, ability to win graciously, or lose happily, and so many other important life skills. But when those games are also teaching math, writing, and art, it's even better! Our company is structured on the idea of teaching people to play a game so they know if they'll love it, but as homeschooling parents of 6 children, we have some games that we just don't think get enough educational attention, so we're trying to spread the word. We're happy to answer any questions about the games we sell (and endorse), and would love to know what you think of them! We can get most any board game that's in print, but for the Educents site, we've specifically focused on those that were exceptionally educational. :-)

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