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  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • Subjects: Reading, Writing
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Product Description

This is a great resource for Nonsense Word Fluency. Lots of great activities to practice reading nonsense words!

This is your one stop shop for Nonsense Words!  So many activities for you to use!  Whole group, small group, independent, partner games, centers,  early finishers and intervention activities are included. 

What you get:

•Small Group Card Game
•Whole Group or Small Group “Find The star” Game
•Print and Play  Roll and Read Fluency Practice for Interventions
•Gradual Release Timed Fluency Practice Game “Help the Princess get to the Castle in Time” .  Easily differentiated, and would be great as homework.
•No Prep Center “Roll, Read, and Color” Game.
•Read and Write around the room for early finishers.


Nonsense Word Card Game:

 Print and laminate or print on cardstock for long-term use.  There are 20 nonsense word cards, as well as special cards which include go again, lose a turn, and give a card to a friend.  There is a blank template for you to add words if you would like.  To Play:   Players will take turns picking a card and reading the word. If a special card is drawn, follow the  directions on the card.  (lose a turn, go again, give a card to a friend.) The game is over when the cards are gone or when time is up.  Winner has the most word cards.  Students can use the recording sheet to write the words after they read them. 


Read and Write the Room:  Hang the word cards around the room, and have students walk around, read the word, and record them on the recording sheet.  They write the word they find under the matching character..  Students LOVE this activity!


Find the star game: Put the word cards in a pocket chart or on the table.  Hide the star behind one of the cards.  Students will read the card and get to see if the star is behind it.  Fist student to find the star is the winner.  Can be played as a whole class or as a small group. 


Roll and Read for Fluency:  Students roll the dice and read across the line as fast as they can.  Can be played individually or with a partner.

Help The princess get to the Castle:  Students time themselves for 1 minute and see if they can read all the nonsense words to get to the castle.  It starts with one line of words and goes to eight lines to make it appropriate for all students.  Students can work their way up through the sheets.  Would be a great activity to send home.


Roll Read and Color:  Students roll the dice, and read the word above the number rolled.  Then they color the word.  Students keep going until one row is filled.  Can be played independently or with a partner.  Great for independent work or centers


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