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Non-Fiction Comprehension, Cloze, and DAZE Passages (Scientist Edition 1)


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Give your kids practice using context clues while reading non-fiction passages. The passages are written in three levels: the passage with comprehension questions, the cloze version (will in the blank with a word bank) with comprehension questions, and the DAZE version with comprehension questions.

There are passages on five important scientists/inventors/doctors:
-The Wright Brothers
-Jane Goodall
-Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
-Dr. Charles Drew
-Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

The passages have three different options:
-Complete the passage with the comprehension questions
-Complete the cloze version (fill in the blank with a word bank) and the comprehension questions
-Complete the DAZE version with the comprehension questions

I use the same passage for the three exercises in case you would like to differentiate in your classroom. For example, you may want to have the kids that need a challenge work on the DAZE passage, while the kids that need some extra help work on the comprehension passage.

Answer keys are included for easy checking by the teacher or by the students.

This would be great student practice to get your students ready for second and third grade DIBELS tests (DORF, DAZE).


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    Interesting and educational
    May 24, 2016

    This packet includes information on five important scientists/inventors/doctors (yah - I'm glad it doesn't focus on sports figures), and two of them are women (double yah!) So glad that Jane Goodall is included. As a result, we delved further into her life, and it was very interesting and educational.

    Good for reading comprehension too!

    Lily - Parent

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