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Looking to implement a Writer's Workshop into your daily routine? This product does exactly that while providing 25 LESSONS to get your kids to LOVE writing narratives!

Have you been looking for a Narrative Writing Unit that incorporates a Writer's Workshop? Then look no further! The Narrative Writing Unit comes with complete LESSON PLANS and activities to get your students writing to the best of their ability. This unit includes information and lessons on how to start a Writing Workshop with Rules, Routines, and Organization. Each lesson also has an accompanying Notebook File that can be projected onto a SMART board. **You do not NEED to have this capability to fully implement these lesson plans- it's just an added bonus if you do!

Each lesson includes a Connection (teaching children why you are learning what you are learning), Mini-Lesson, Student Engagement, Independent Writing Time while teacher conferences, and Sharing. Some lessons may take 2-3 days.

Included in these plans:

1. Getting started with Writing Workshop- this tells how I run my classroom during Writing Workshop.
2. Writing Workshop Folder 
3. Writing Goal sheets for students.
4. Writing Rubric
5. Letter to send to parents.
6. Sharing Signs for your classroom.
7. Different types of writing paper.
8. 25 Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Include (There is a PDF version and a Notebook File version of each lesson plan).
1. Establishing Rules, Routines, and Organization (Writing space/Writing the entire time).
2. Establishing Rules, Routines, and Organization (Check Folder/Write Name/Date)
3. Establishing Rules, Routines, and Organization (Using Tools)
4. Establishing Rules, Routines, and Organization (Add More Sign, Stop/Go)
5. What is a Personal Narrative?
6. I Don't Know What to Write!
7. Planning: Pictures First!
8. Help! I Don't Know How to Spell It!
9. Using the Word Wall to Spell Words
10. Using Words We Know to Spell New Words
11. Finishing Our Pictures
12. Picking One Moment: Big Ideas Vs. Small Ideas
13. Sharing Time
14. Making Characters Come to Life
15. Making Characters Come to Life Day 2
16. Drama With Characters
17. Adding Dialogue
18. Characters Have Feelings
19. Analyzing Characters
20. Starting Stories
21. Sense of Closure
22. Editing for Publishing
23. Editing for Publishing Day 2
24. Adding a Title
25. We Are Authors Celebration

My kids absolutely LOVE writing workshop and so do I! This unit will make your writing time very meaningful, fun, and exciting.


JD's Rockin' Readers


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I am a First Grade Teacher and my passions are Guided Reading and Writing Workshop!  I have been teaching for 15 years and taught Reading Recovery and Title I for several years before returning to the regular classroom.   Welcome to my store!

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