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Learning Resources for Music & Art

Educents is the trusted resource for music lessons and teaching tools. Shop for your child’s first musical instrument on Educents. Many kids get excited about learning a new instrument, or how to read music. All sorts of instruments are available on Educents including violins, play pianos, maracas, wood block with mallet, tambourine, tom tom drum with mallet, triangle, sand blocks, rhythm sticks and finger cymbals. Your kids will love learning how to play these fun instruments from Educents.

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Music is an important part of any curriculum. A well-rounded student will be experienced with music and creativity. Music helps students learn more about their world and explore relationships and ideas in a unique way. It has been proven to increase math, reading, and language skills. Young children can learn elements of music like rhythm and pitch. At ages 5-11, kids can start working together to combine rhythm patterns. Games like snap work very well in teaching kids rhythm patterns. Older students can be explicitly taught how to read and compose music.

Educents sells a variety of music materials. If you have a young student, you can pick up one of our music kits. Kids can choose from a 0" Chilean Rain Stick, 14.5" Wood Guiro with scratcher, ankle/wrist bells, an African Agogo Bell, Japanese Den Den, 10" wood Maracas and a Rap Stick with mallet in the multicultural music instrument set. The RB preschool kit is great for preschool age kids and includes maracas, wood block with mallet, tambourine, tom tom drum with mallet, triangle, sand blocks, rhythm sticks and finger cymbals. You can also find reference charts and workbooks on Educents. The Ready to Read Music series includes the curriculum you need to get kids ready to read music, as well as reproducible music symbols for the bulletin board or flash cards. Search Educents for music to find all of our great resources!

Your kids will love making music with their instrument kits. Teaching them to love music in a fun way will help them focus more on learning how to read music when they are older. If you have an older student, they can start with more “grown-up” instruments like a violin or play piano instead. They can learn to read music at the same time as they’re learning their instrument.


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