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HoJo's Teaching Adventures

HoJo's Teaching Adventures

These engaging Magic Square Puzzles will have students practicing their multiplication facts in a fun way! Simply cut them out, mix them up, and then match them!
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Categories: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Math
Product Type: Game

Product Description

These engaging Magic Square Puzzles will have students practicing their multiplication facts in a fun way! Simply cut them out, mix them up, and then match them!

Multiplication Facts - Students practice the multiplication with this fun, engaging puzzle! 

Have your students practice their multiplication facts. 
Page 1 - multiplication practice 7,8,9
Page 2 - multiplication practice 4,5,6
Page 3 - multiplication practice 1,2,3
Page 4 - multiplication practice 10,11,12
Page 5 - multiplication practice 2-12
Page 6 - multiplication practice 1-9
Page 7 - multiplication practice 0-5

**Each magic square will have students answer 24 math problems!**

There are seven different puzzles in this product. However, there are two of each puzzle – one with pictures for students who need a little more guidance in the direction the pieces should face and one without pictures so other students can have more of a challenge. This is differentiation at its finest!

Preparation and Storage: You will need to print off the number of copies you need. (I recommend printing them on cardstock and laminating them.) I have used these as individual work, partner work, and small group work. They also work well for students who finish early or for use during center time. Cut the magic squares out and put them into plastic baggies for students use. I put each set in its own plastic baggie. Then I put all of these baggies and one original sheet in a manila envelope with the name of the activity on the front. This way I have the answer key and all materials readily available. 

Directions to Play: Give students the cut-up magic square sheet. Tell them they need to put the square back together. The first time you have the students complete one of these, I suggest drawing out a 4x4 square on the board so they understand what it should look like. You can also give them the hint (because I have found some do not figure this out!) that the pictures will all be facing the correct direction.

Correcting Student Work: To easily check a student completed work, keep an original copy of the magic square sheet they are working on. This way you can immediately check to see if the pictures are in the correct order or not. 

Still not sure how Magic Squares work? Check out this blog post!

Thank you for looking!


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HoJo's Teaching Adventures
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I have PreK-6th grade experience. I have taught Kindergarten, 6th grade, Reading Recovery, Title I math and reading, 5th grade inclusion special education, and a multi-grade classroom of ELL students. For a year I was a K-6 Elementary Principal at two schools and district K-12 Special Education Director. Starting in the fall of 2015, I am staying home to work online while raising our son. It's an amazing job! =)

I am a professor for CE4Teachers. Come check us out! 

I used to teach Asian students during the evenings, weekends, and summer. Using Skype and other online tools, I taught students from age 6-20. It was an interesting experience! 

Finally, I blog over at HoJo's Teaching Adventures. Check it out! :)

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