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  • Grades: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
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Get the 'Multicultural Australia Resource Bundle' from HistoriCool, the coolest mag in history! Engage kids in Australia's multicultural history, from the White Australia Policy to today, with entertaining teaching ideas and worksheets.

What does vegetable soup and fruit salad have to do with multiculturalism in Australia? Students will answer this question and more in this HistoriCool resource bundle!Use the Multiculturalism in Australia Resource Bundle to engage your students in a wider study of Australian immigration, multiculturalism and the White Australia Policy.This resource is delivered as a PDF in A4 size.So, what's included?700-word engaging and entertaining article entitled The Menu of Multiculturalism targeted at 11-15 year-old readers.Glossary of unfamiliar terms found in the above article to build understanding and vocabulary.Pre- & Post-Reading Quiz for analysing prior knowledge and reading comprehension (answers included).Understanding the Text Tri-Level Question Guide asks students 'Does the text say this? Does the text suggest this? Do you agree with this statement regarding the text?Discussion Questions to get students thinking about the White Australia Policy, its purpose and its repercussions.Immigration Sequencing Activity for ordering Australia's immigration history (answers included).Events in Immigration Worksheet to get in depth about one factor of Australia's cultural past.A list of other teaching ideas for utilising The Menu of Multiculturalism in your classroom.*****************************************************************************Have fun with this resource and let us know what you think by leaving a review!The article used in this resource bundle was first published in HistoriCool Magazine Issue 09 August/September 2014. If you haven't already heard of HistoriCool Magazine (i.e. the coolest mag in history!) jump over to www.historicool.com.au to check it out!And why not engage with us on social media?!FacebookInstagramTwitter



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Founded in 2013, HistoriCool Magazine is in the business of creating history-makers! Each and every issue of HistoriCool aims to inspire, engage and entertain 8-14 year-old readers with stories from the past while building core skills and confidence so that they may one day make history themselves.


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