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Ms. Fultz's Corner launched in January 2012 and specializes in resources for the elementary classroom.I'm passionate about creating user-friendly resources to help all students learn while saving valuable prep for teachers. As an experienced third grade teacher with a Masters in Elementary Education and K-12 reading license, I know educational resources need to be both inviting and engaging to capture students' interests.

Product Reviews

5 Reviews
5 Reviews

    30+ page options!
    Jun 05, 2016

    I like the 30+ student page options that come in this packet. As a homeschooler, there are things I don't use - but this is a very good tool - for homeschoolers or public school classrooms.

    I'm a fan of templates - they just make everything easier for me - and more enjoyable for my kids.

    Leslie S - Parent - Member Since April 2016
    Good template
    May 29, 2016

    This is a good early-grade template. I appreciate templates!

    Martha M - Super-hero - Member Since April 2016
    Who doesn't like penguins?
    May 24, 2016

    Kids love penguins, and so do I. When I saw this, and all it included, it was a "must have"!

    Lily L - Parent - Member Since April 2016
    May 22, 2016

    Very cute - and what a time saver!

    Barb L - Super-hero - Member Since May 2016
    Great Practice!
    Jan 08, 2016

    My daughter really liked writing and learning about the animals in this writing assignment. It made the writing more interesting for her since she loves animals. Really great practice!

    Doria W - Homeschooler - Member Since July 2015

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