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2 Reviews
2 Reviews

    Excellent packet
    Nov 09, 2016

    I have a beginning reader and this packet has a TON of worksheets for CVC words and categorizing words by sounds (short a/short u). My son, who 'doesn't like' worksheets, happily cuts & pastes the words to the pictures on pages, thinks the 'real vs. nonsense words' page is hilarious, and thinks the cut & paste word pages are like puzzles. While he is not ready to do some of the pages (such as the writing the words into the silly sentences or the 'I can rhyme' pages), I can use this packet when he is a little more advanced.
    I can see this used in a classroom as reinforcement and extra practice of CVC words, as well as for struggling learners who need some 'fun' pages.

    Kimberly P - Member Since August 2014
    Great Resource for CVC Word Practice
    May 20, 2016

    I love the visuals and that the students need to then pick a picture and write the corresponding cvc word to go with it. Very cute and easy to use.

    Kristine F - Teacher - Member Since April 2016

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