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Monster Sock Factory: First Step To Multiplication

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  • Grades: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

  • Subjects: Math

  • Product Type: Game, Toy

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Product Description

Master multiplication skills with Monster Sock Factory. Best as gift for kids 8 years and above. Get 4 times more practice than classroom per game session. The story line goes like this. Far away in the land of Dimis is a snow covered valley filled with monsters.The 3 workers at the local sock factory have to pack and dispatch sock packets for these monsters. Master multiplication along the way!We have done extensive research to develop this unique game board.Take on the role of the workers & start packing.At the same time, you’ll be mastering multiplication like no one else! 

FUN GAME PLAY: Help dispatch sock packets for lovely little monsters. Be the first to ship 6 units to win the game

MATH SKILLS: Kids play and understand the fundamental concepts of multiplication starting with multiplication as repeated addition

FAMILY TIME: Lots of fun for the entire family. Perfect way to spend an evening bonding over maths and fun

TONS OF PRACTICE: Each game session offers 4 times more math practice than classroom. Further, kids practice strategic thinking, patience & perseverance

AGE 8+: Perfect gift for boys and girls age 8 and up or in grade 3 and up or those who are just getting started with multiplication tables


• 10 core math skills

 • Strategic Planning 

• Memorization 

• Hand-eye Coordination 

• Patience & perseverance 


Each player gets 9 batches of sock packets.First you pull out a card,lets say 16.If you have a 2 legged monster ,you will pack 8 cards.If you have a 4 legged monster ,then 4 cards and so on. 


• 9 cartons each capable of holding 30 packets 

• 9x30 sock packets 

• 20 Plus-minus cards

• 52 order cards

• 1 Rulebook


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Logic Roots

At Logic Roots, we are reinventing how kids practice math.

Most kids do not like to practice math. It is a boring chore to be done alone. Every year, parent's spends countless hours and hundreds of dollars in buying great math content for kids. Be it worksheets, activities apps. But It is a boring chore to be done alone. What if, math practice was family time? Away from phones with parents and kids having a lot of conversation over a fun game? 

We are converting math in to a social activity over which family bonds. Explore our highly recommended social math games for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. Math will never be the same again. 


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