Money and Coin Cards

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  • Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
  • Subjects: Math
  • Product Type: N/A
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

26 coin recognition task cards that creatively require students to add the monetary values together to purchase a toy. Each card integrates many important math Common Core Standards. The cards are based on second grade Common Core Standards but would also be great for an enrichment activity in lower grades. Fun math test review item as well! The cards invite critical thinking due to the fact that coins are not visible to students. They are given a price and blank circles that they must add together to form that amount. Students will realize that the circle sizes and order correspond to their set values. Kids LOVE the experience of toy shopping and using money to purchase them- these cards are no exception!

Who is it for?

  • 2nd Graders, (7 to 8-year-olds)
  • Gifted & talented students
  • Math learners
  • Educators
  • Teachers
  • 1st Graders (6 to 7-year-olds)


What's included?

  •  26 Fun Task Cards that Challenge Students to Identify Coins to Come Up With the Given Amount!



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Rule 1 Have Fun
I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom and wife to my two beautiful children and husband. Teaching has never left my heart because I think it's who I am. I seek to teach my children new things everyday while also encouraging their imaginations.

I firmly believe it is our job to motivate our students and to do so, we need to think like they do. I now have young children and it amazes me what I can get them to willingly participate in if I make it fun for them! Teaching is no different...students will retain so much more valuable information if we find fun ways to present it.


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