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Mona MELisa Designs

About Mona MELisa Designs
Our educational toys and lessons were designed by a homeschool mom that was tired of 'worksheeting her daughter to death!'  Our belief is that in order for children to best learn and absorb information, they need to be a part of the educational experience.  To be able to touch, feel, move and interact with their lessons, allows children to become masters of those lessons, and their environment.  Please join us in creating a generation of inspired thinkers and imaginative minds!

Product Reviews

86 Reviews
86 Reviews

    Needs improvement .
    Dec 25, 2016

    Very good quality, but needs a lot of improvement. They provide labels for organs that aren't included in the set, and if you aren't already very familiar with human anatomy you're going to have a hard time with this. The "teaching guide" link on the website led me to what appears to be promotional material, because it certainly wasn't a teaching guide. This is, at best, a secondary supplement. I much prefer Squishy Human Body for teaching anatomy.

    Janet S - Member Since March 2016
    Nice activity
    Dec 06, 2016

    My 6yr old received this as an early Christmas present. She is enjoying it. It's a topic with some new info for her and requires more teaching from me but also opens up discussion.

    Janice H - Parent - Member Since August 2016
    Great deal!
    Dec 06, 2016

    We used this deal to get the full size and mini of the US and then my sister used it to get my daughter's gift of the solar system and mini habitat. The sizes are great...for the US the actual maps are really close in size. The mini just has less pieces to put on. Only thing I wish was different on the big US is that when you put the states on the map, the capital cities are covered up and not provided in any other means. Because of that, I would say the mini is better but you don't get to put states on. So I'm glad we have both for reference. As for the other two we have, we still have to finish them, but we are loving them just as much. We are not homeschoolers but do a lot of similar activities thanks to my voracious learner.

    Janice H - Parent - Member Since August 2016
    6 year old loves US geography
    Dec 06, 2016

    I bought this for my 6yr old who wanted a US map for her bedroom a few months ago. She loves placing the states and geographical features on the map. I tried slowing her down to make the learning last longer by having us look up the landmark features together in an atlas, a couple a day. It stays nicely on her wall and looks great. We got the Solar System one from family (early Christmas gift at Thanksgiving) for her next one since that's another big topic of interest for her. We're not homeschoolers, but she "homeschooled" for PreK last year and is WAY beyond her Kindergarten classmates so these add that extra learning she's desperate for but can't get in class right now. We also have the Habitat Mini. Love all of them so far!

    Janice H - Parent - Member Since August 2016
    Best way to know the states
    Nov 22, 2016

    I started homeschooling my son. This is great to document all the places that one travel to. My son is really learning his states. It is very durable and so much fun in our homeschool! I highly recommend it to other homeschoolers.

    Charlie H - Homeschooler - Member Since November 2016

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