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Mona MELisa Designs

About Mona MELisa Designs
Our educational toys and lessons were designed by a homeschool mom that was tired of 'worksheeting her daughter to death!'  Our belief is that in order for children to best learn and absorb information, they need to be a part of the educational experience.  To be able to touch, feel, move and interact with their lessons, allows children to become masters of those lessons, and their environment.  Please join us in creating a generation of inspired thinkers and imaginative minds!

Product Reviews

92 Reviews
92 Reviews

    Love it
    May 10, 2017

    Easy way to have kiddos label the states each day.

    Stephanie S - Member Since April 2017
    Great tool for homeschool or any one interested in learning the states
    Mar 29, 2017

    I bought this for my 6 and 4 year old, who I homeschool. We love it and enjoy using it too learn our states and capitals.

    Summer K - Homeschooler - Member Since January 2017
    6 year old loves US geography
    Mar 07, 2017

    This review is for USA Map Wall Play Set
    I bought this for my 6yr old who wanted a US map for her bedroom a few months ago. She loves placing the states and geographical features on the map. I tried slowing her down to make the learning last longer by having us look up the landmark features together in an atlas, a couple a day. It stays nicely on her wall and looks great. We got the Solar System one from family (early Christmas gift at Thanksgiving) for her next one since that's another big topic of interest for her. We're not homeschoolers, but she "homeschooled" for PreK last year and is WAY beyond her Kindergarten classmates so these add that extra learning she's desperate for but can't get in class right now. We also have the Habitat Mini. Love all of them so far!

    Janice H - Parent - Member Since August 2016
    Very timely to buy this set!
    Mar 07, 2017

    This review is for US Government Wall Play Set
    We started homeschooling our four children ages 7-11. This year we have been learning about the Constitution, all of the Presidents and how the government works. This set has been a great visual to use on our wall as we learn. This unit has gone well with the Presidential election this year. The set is very well made and durable. We will use it each year as we review the Government of our country. This has helped my children get so much more involved in the Presidential election process. So glad we ordered it! Thanks!

    Elizabeth L - Homeschooler - Member Since November 2015
    South America Map
    Mar 07, 2017

    This review is for Central/South America Map - History & Geography Wall Play Set
    I purchased this product after purchasing the USA decal map. It added so much to our studies. Adding each sticker was like a reward for studying a particular state or country. I wish there was one for every continent, especially Europe. I would buy them all!

    Roberta N - Homeschooler - Member Since October 2015

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